One of The Most Effective Warm Ups

Let’s kick-start today with one of the most effective warm ups.

It’s super easy and simple too, especially if you are a busy female coach.

One of the most effective warm up’s is…

Walking! Well, moving

Unfortunately, it’s not stretching in the sense of a static stretch. Stretching on the spot.

If you are in the gym, you can do this on a treadmill. Make sure you set your gradient to 1.0 which is classed as the same resistance to waking outside.

You can make this a little fancy 😉 add some arms, twist the torso, even a shoulder roll.

Why not just stretch on the spot?

The body hasn’t properly warmed up, the blood isn’t flowing to the muscles. Meaning the muscles will be cold, therefore they will not have the flexibility needed for a stretch which may lead to injury.

Before I go, let’s tap into how walking can aid your mindset… through your feet.

Feet focus to improve mindset

Feeling the floor under your feet, is a good way to be physically present. It not only enables you to focus on this precise moment (which is documented to lower anxiety), it also aids you in being aware of your body as it moves. Feeling for any misalignments in the feet, knees, hips and ankles.

Take a walk with me in the Most Effective Warm Up video…

See you on the next blog

Trina – The Alternative Personal Trainer

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