10 Ways to Create Moments of Joy (and their reasons). Number 6 is a gamechanger…

This blog is inspired by my friend, fellow coach, mentor and bestselling author Brenda Dempsey and her movement Voices of Joy. Much gratitude and LOVE to you!

The one thing I LOVE is creating JOY. It’s a feeling.

What is Joy?

Joy is a true feeling on happiness, you may have felt it when everything is going right. You may feel it when you are doing something you love.

I truly believe that YOU are the creator of your own health, life, and happiness.

Therefore, I have made it my mission to reconnect you with your body, time, and wealth. Aiding you in learning to trust your own self and health.

Health is wealth.

What about you?

Is it time to gift your body the permission to stop and reevaluate your own health as a coach?

You have the power to positively improve your life all by creating small moments of JOY.

Creating pockets of happiness instantly raise energy, lifts confidence, increases performance and had also been known to open windows of opportunity.

10 Ways to Create Moments of JOY. Number 6 is a gamechanger…..

1. Morning music – Even on the dark mornings, music can bring sunshine into your life as a coach. With powerful affects, such as, increasing happiness, and lowering stress, some studies show that music decreases pain. Music is an instant lift on any given morning.

2. Go outdoors – Do you have a thousand ideas to sift through? You may be closed in your house brimming full of ideas. Notice, that when you go outside into the open your mood instantly rises. All of a sudden you feel clarity? For the clearest answers to come through, clearing the pathway for your business. Top tip – next time you go outdoors, take a journal and pen. Capture those moments of clarity.

3. Laughing – Switch off the coaching mind and turn on the comedy. Become your own comedian. Bring light to dark. Taking moments to laugh with friends/family, by ourselves, or sometimes at ourselves is a useful tool, that and is known to provoke feelings of hope, connection with others, and bring on faster physical recovery. Ricky Gervais once said.. if you can laugh in the face of adversity, you’re bullet-proof.

4. Make the boring FUN – The chores, the accounts, the cooking, the stuff. The boring stuff. The stuff you HAVE to do, yet do not want to do. How do you get around it? Maybe trying adding music, listening to a audiobook or even race yourself at clearing away. However, there’s much be said about rewarding yourself with some nice flowers, a new piece of music , or an audiobook for a job well done.

5. Reading – Taking time out to read stories fiction or non fiction, both have major benefits. Fiction enables you to step away from day to day stresses and expands creativity. While non fiction creates productivity, drive and teaches about us the world we live in. Reading in general is known to help with sleep which in turn improves energy. What books are you reading at the moment?

6. Adopt a ‘social media switch off’ approach – Have you found that you are spending more hours than you need on social media? Checking every post in-between clients, wondering what is happening and who is doing what? It never seems to be off. The body has a great way of controlling our movements, even when we are trying to lower our usage. Meaning, we have natural urge to pick up the phone, open a desktop page and even switch on the computer. It’s a habit. Taking breaks away from social media has a positive affect on your business and life as a coach. These vary from moving more, gaining back time back, sleeping better, more mental (and physical) energy, a chance to reconnect you with your body, time and wealth in the HUB 😉. Online work requires you to be on social media. There many ways to take a break away, such as, setting hours, having a social media weekend off, deleting the apps after you finish your working day. All these will positively impact and improve your health. Come join the social switch off on Instagram #socialmediaswitchoff

7. The power of visualisation – Do you ever want to go away somewhere? The power of visualisation brings immense not only joy, but belief. The brains does not know the difference between reality and imagination. This is used heavily in athletics (to win competitions) and my 1-1 work. So why not play pretend, by having a little spa time in your own bathtub, or create your own hotel breakfast in the dining room. Want to go to a sunny beach? Pretend you are walking along a beautiful white sands while at your local park. Become the master creator of your own world.

8. Take up a hobby – Finding a hobby that’s meaningful and happy delivers a whole new world of goodness and value into ones life. Whether you have a love for painting, baking and cooking, rearranging with old passions such as walking, playing music or knitting. Hobbies are known to help you cope with stress, structure time, and find new connections.

9. Reconnect with friends – There’s nothing like connecting with friends. Friends can bring happiness, JOY, and lend an ear. Going out for a walk together and talking on the phone builds a connection between friends that is a unique bond. That even when apart for long periods, it seems like you have never been away for more than a day.

10. Practice physically present – Learning to be physically present with the body aids in relieving muscular tension and create fluid movement. Focusing your attention on your feet as you are walking, enables you to create an awareness for what the rest of your body is doing and how it’s feeling. It takes away from reactive thought patterns and being on automatic pilot. The body LOVES habit and will move itself due to habit. Taking your body (lovingly) outside for a walk, moving your body towards joyful things shows that you are the creator of your own health journey, not it of you.

What is your favourite number? And what fills you with JOY? Let’s share!

Truly honoured to create this short video for Brenda’s Voices of Joy The Living Book.

If you would LOVE to share your joy, connect with Brenda Dempsey and join the Voices of Joy community here

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