5 Quick Tips when Rekindling your Passion for Running

This is a super short and super sweet blog if you want to rekindle your passion for running.

Have you ever found that getting started and staying motivated can be super hard when it comes to running?

The biggest struggle that my clients have found is time and energy, however others have felt more physical afflictions.

You probably already know that taking the first step is always a good start in moving forward.

However,you may be like me and have fallen off the wagon of activity a few times or more.

If the this sounds like you and you would like to know what you can do differently.

Here are 3 quick tips that are super simple to get you back on track

1. Take a leap – If you feel your health needs to change, then you have already made that first step. Well done! Just thinking about it, is the first step before taking a leap forward. You may find that this will give you greater success because it’s not a forced thought. Start by stepping outside and taking a walk around the block, get to know just how your body feels.

2. WHY – Knowing the reason ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing is a good catalyst to better health. If you don’t know why, you may feel that health feels like a struggle. Having that ‘why’ is understanding what is the driving force behind your goal setting.

3. Accountability – Who is cheering your corner? Sometimes it can be hard to get up and get motivated, but having someone to cheer you on. It is widely known within many industries that your goals are much more likely to come to fruition.

4. Energy – Where is all your energy going? Where are you spending it? There’s only so much energy a human body has and yes, it can make more through eating nutritious food. Maybe try creating your own energy board, or booking a 1-1 energy and body assessment, where you create your own board, find out just exactly your energy is going and how to get it back.

5. Call a coach/trainer/instructor – This develops a relaxed conversation, someone to listen, or give guidance around your health desires. It also breaks the barrier between you and the professional. Having that call (or a session) sets the wheels in motion to getting your health back.

If you would like to get back on track and need a little help, download your FREE 7 day workout planner here

Click here for your 7 day planner and goal setting workout PDF Pack

The road may seem long, however you don’t have to do this alone.

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