Consistency, the perfectionists goal and time stealing daily nightmare… 6 ways to attract people, money and time into your business and life by transforming your health.

Are you a perfectionist patty?

Her alter egos are shiny object Susie, procrastinating Paula and time poor Tiffany who are all part of this sequence.

Maybe you a perfectionist in recovery… but you cannot seem to get your health together

Even though you know it gives you the TIME……….

  • To better your business
  • Lift your mood
  • Did I mention, get back time
  • Bring back focus

You know it, so why do I spout on about it??? I am not. You know that same ol’ health sh!t. It isn’t working, and if this sounds like something you are going though..

Well, this is for you.

Because the consistency in terms of the time aside for your health, the health that also stops procrastination but haven’t quite achieved in the last 20-30-40 years isn’t coming. I hate to break it to you. This is not a guilt trip, it’s a realisation. When we realise that there’s a repeating pattern you can work to overcome it. Why? Because there’s nothing wrong with you. This is part of being human and as a human you are stronger than what you think you are. Physically and emtionally

Graze you knee as a kid you get up and carry on playing (after a cry).

Yet, this doesn’t happen in health nor business. We retreat by someone’s words, expressions or sh!t instead of getting up and carrying on. And those words…. just get up and carry on…. that can be hard, especially if your body is knackered.

Or, you may not be ready, and that’s ok… keep taking baby steps, I am. It’s ALL in the baby steps.

Which leads me to this, one of the steps to attracting the right people is to be aware of the procrastination. It’s a safety mechanism that your body is doing to keep you safe, paralysing you. Yes, tensing your physical muscles from moving forward, creating physical pain such as frustration headaches, tight muscles that lead to injury. The safety mechanism all wrapped up in guilt bow, did you know guilt repeats this cycling pattern? Guilt shows up in the upper parts of the legs in chinese medicine… is it a little sticky wicky moving forward physically in your legs too?

Become confident being uncomfortable…

Routine is the killer of all time when you are a perfectionist, learning to go with the flow (or say ‘plot twist’) will help you find what works for you and that when the sh!t hits the fan, of should I say pandemic. Someone once said to me… be 7/10 not 10/10 then you won’t make yourself ill. This is so true, when you start to balance your expectations you put on you and stop putting the same expectations on others, you will find the approach to your body, life and and business change.

Here are 6 ways to consistently attract people, time and money to your business and life by transforming your health.

1. Change your perception – Are you trying to please everyone by being consistent 100% of the time? That causes more physical stress and illness in itself. Rather than becoming angry with yourself when you step out of consistency. Understand that you can come away from your path from time to time. Just like if you are on the road parallel to the motorway, drop back on at the next junction.

2. Identify and be aware – Identify any limiting beliefs or repeating patterns that are showing up in you. Treat yourself with kindness and be aware of them. Oh, that feeling again. I see you, I recognise you.

3. Accept this is what you do – accepting you means accepting every single bit of you. Just like as humans we want people to accept us. Is it time to except every single bit of you. This means things like envy. To overcome, is to accept that you may be fearful or envious then work to change the narrative.

4. Take action on your TIME by scheduling time out – Your body and brain work together to give you clarity, consistency and confidence. It can also heal you or break you. Too much work, too much exercise affects the balance of chemical in your body, adversely affecting skin aging and hair strength. Take some TIME, yes TIME between your working periods. Allow yourself to rest in-between overcoming any limiting beliefs. Look up to your body the same way you look up to people you see as leaders in their field. Your body wants the same appreciation you give out to everyone else. You will find, you will work smarter not harder to attract those people. Maybe start with scheduling a #socialmediaswitchoff or unwind daily with a visualisation to alleviate any overwhelm.

5. Listen to your intuition – Your inner guidance has juicy nuggets. This was driven based on my own intuitive nudge. Many of your best content comes from intuition, don’t ignore it. Voice your opinion. The world needs more voices. Time to speak up. Access the hub to know how.

6. Give yourself praise – start praising you as much as you praise others (just like step 4). Give yourself the pat on the back. Treat you, date you, enjoy you… and at the end of the day say ‘thank you’ to you for getting you through.

Let’s add an extra….

MONEEEEEEEYYYY – when manifesting money understand money doesn’t not always come through business when manifesting. It can come through courses, teachings, winnings, free platforms, people gifting you not just clients. Money is a source of currency…. it’s electronic, it’s in paper form, it’s all around you.

To summarise.. want to be consistent with your business to attract the people, money and time? Start to overcome the guilt, know money attraction isn’t just clients (it’s to better you) and see yourself as the main attraction by taking TIME on you.

Trina x

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