Focus on your body, gain back time? 10 ways to attract the right people using inspired action

Do you ever get those days where everything just isn’t going right? 

You are unable to get your social media together, your work plans have gone out the window and even though there’s no chaos to speak of from the kids.

It seems like today is just not the right day.

Now, I’m usual situations like this you may push and push and push. But, whatever you do isn’t coming. 

You are pushing, rushing and hustling. Yet, your body is breaking taking and even faking your energy.

Have you ever thought, the focus isn’t on your business? The focus, may be on you instead. Your body is doing all the work.

Maybe it’s time to shut off the computer, have a #socialmediaswitchoff, sit and watch cartoons with the kids or even take a walk. 

See what comes up for you. The object here is to let your instincts guide you. 

10 ways to allow for inspired action…..

  1. Trust your body – trust that your intuition knows best. Go with her. Trust her. If it’s not the right day. It isn’t the right day. Have you tried working within your cycle? 
  2. What do you need today? – Ask yourself what do you need everyday. The best way to do this, is to ask yourself as if you are the third person. Always go with the first answer, no answer is silly. So, what do you need today? 
  3. Know your mind – Learn your mind. Become aware of when you are growing or needing to rest. This goes back to effective journaling and knowing your cycles.
  4. Start utilising your voice – speak up! Know your truth. Do not be afraid to cancel things if it does not feel right. I can’t make today or I’m taking some time out.
  5. Find your people – find people who share the same path as you. Those who are striving for more, have positive outlooks even when the sh!t hits the fan. Women who are cheering you on on the sidelines or happy to share home truths.
  6. Write – This comes down to effective journaling. I teaching journaling to my clients as part of there self healing. Writing to you gets out what you want to say, yet, equally gives you some clues too. 
  7. Light your path – Shine like a beacon! You are stronger than what you think you are. Keep shining, keep showing up in one way or another. Keep sharing your message with your words.
  8. Let your inner child play – Let her out to play! All singing and dancing. If something is boring, what can you do to make it fun!
  9. Forgive yourself daily – I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love you. Forgiving yourself daily for everything. Accepting responsibility for actions of you and others. Guilt, creates a cycle of punishment for whether with words or habits. Give yourself some human kindness.
  10. Express gratitude – express the upmost gratitude for all wins and learnings. The attitude of gratitude has great power. Start a gratitude list today and what things change.

When you take yourself away from the crowdedness of the mind, you find the clarity and focus to create the space, work and the happiness you are seeking. 

Because it’s been here all along 

Trina x

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