The ultimate truth about listening to your body in business to attract the right people

For the business woman who has been on the personal development journey and has dieted or tried to get fit for 10 plus years.

I do speak A LOT about listening to body and trusting your body. It may seem that that you just listen and wait, then HEY PRESTO!!! Your life has changed and everything just flows amazingly. That’s not strictly true.

However, it’s a lot more than just listening to your body. It’s about being aware of your physical and emotional patterns.

The body is habitual, meaning that it can be stuck in its own repeating cycles, especially when it comes to movement.

A little challenge: Try giving up your phone for a few hours and see how many times you will pick it up.

Your subconscious is running its built in program. However, what is learned can be unlearned.

When you give up the phone, switch off social media, become active or even start intuitive eating to aid your physical and emotional wellbeing, there needs to be a degree of structure, patience, an objective stance and FUN in creating new behaviour and movement.

In other words, don’t take yourself too seriously. You are doing an amazing job and the extra pressure that gets put on you. Does not need to happen.

Hear me out… because I have coaches and women on their personal development journey who feel they have let go of everything, yet it’s still there. Hidden in their body.

When I speak about structure, I am not talking about sticking to an eating or activity plan I mean (although it helps)… start creating

Awareness – Being aware of your physical patterns.

Acceptance – Accept, this is what you do objectively to start taking the power away

Action – Slowly take action without ploughing guilt, shame of blame on yourself

Yes, it sounds simple, and it can be a sticky wicket.

Trina x

A simple tip is to get you started, journal effectively. Having an effective journal will help you establish…

Hunger pangs – Recognising your hunger cues makes a big difference to your wellbeing. If your body isn’t getting the right nutrients, you may feel feelings of confusion or overwhelm.

Monthly cycles – Do you work better at various times of the month? Your body knows and once you recognise it. You can use it to your advantage. Remember even if you don’t have your cycles anymore, the brain will still have a memory and repeat any feelings because the pattern is habitual.

Locate physical aches – Are you aches attached to any limiting beliefs? The brain always has a memory of what is going in any area of the body.

Repeating patterns – Whether journalling something physical or emotional, you may notice certain times of the month, a year or even day where patterns occur. Use your awareness to notice it. Are you an empath? You may notice certain patterns happen when people speak to you. Is it their stuff or yours?

Exercises – Being active and recording your activity can make a massive difference while journaling. How is it making you feel? If it’s making you feel good yet you can’t stick with it. Journaling will help you notice any triggers that are stopping you from moving forward.

Remember, you have a choice to take time out to receive intuitive nudges.

Trina x

Alternative personal training is all about using your body and mindset to attract the right people into your business.

Trina – Body and mindset business coach

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