You will have never thought that knowing how to love your body could be so beneficial for you and your business

Are you a body conscious woman? Do you worry about people judging your body?

Nowadays, most women are body conscious. Constantly weighing, looking in the mirror, pinching skin, covering up, scared to eat, afraid of their own skin, scared of what others think.

Sometimes we believe that we are worthless.

As children we loved our bodies but gradually over time we fall out of love with them. They change shape as we grow, maybe genetics or beautiful life changes… such as giving birth.

Some of us feel they end up worn, torn and pretty much stretched. Some of us no longer can look in the mirror. Some of us need to turn the lights out so ours bodies cannot be seen. Sometimes we punish it by under feeding it to look slimmer or we get upset and eat more. We can be afraid to show it, thinking that others are watching us. Checking to see if our flesh is fits the mold.

Your flesh does fit, don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.

Learning to love yourself, no matter what you look like, no matter what everyone thinks. Embrace every morsel of your body.

Is it time to create a new relationship?

One not of shame. But, one of liberation.

It is true, the happier you are the better you feel. So, what do YOU want?

I am talking from experience here.

To feel confident as you are, right now. Recognising your amazing strengths and realising you are powerful. Embracing the small pockets of time you have for you, while able to cope with how you feel about yourself by finding who you are as a person. Having this confidence feed into your business endeavours, as well as everyone around you.

How can you show your body you LOVE her today…

  1. Listen and talk to her – She’s communicating with you daily. Do you remember the procrastination you have? It’s her fears. She needs reassurance that all is going to be ok. Grab a journal and let her say what she needs.
  2. Give her gratitude – Thank her for the hardships she’s face, she is one tough cookie and so are you!
  3. Dare to bare – There! I said it! I don’t mean run across a football pitch or naked in the street lol!! Many of us have cellulite, scars, stretch makes. Make a change…wear that bikini on holiday, go nude on a nudist beach. Even better have someone take some sexy pics of you. You’ll be surprised how doing these things will boost yours and her self confidence and feed into your business.
  4. Positive thoughts – It takes a little patience and awareness. Give love to the negative thoughts and start diminishing their power over your physical and emotional body. The more loving the relationship, the more beautiful manifestations come your way..  Start with… I AM ENOUGH!
  5. Exercise – Many people think of exercise as a punishment because of the way it makes you feel while doing it or a few days later, neglecting to think about the massive positive affect that it has on the way we think. You don’t have to go a crazy, a walk in the fresh air will do. The great rush of endorphins (that feel good chemical) takes away a lot of negative feeling inside enabling you to feel brighter. For the full healing goodness to kick in, work on the emotions underneath too.
  6. Write to her – Your body is your pen pal, write to her and she will write good words to you back.
  7. Luxury pamper – Create a sacred space in the house full of chaos. Wait for the children to go to bed. Light candles, have relaxing sounds… it’s your bath/shower, your choice. Is it time to learn to bath slowly and feel the soap on your body. Send her love as you clean her. Lather up with luxurious soaps (maybe gifts that others have given you). Then once dried, use lotions that soothe you, taking time to rub them in.
  8. Food love – feed her well. Is it time to create a new relationship around food? One that isn’t based on guilt, but that fills you with happiness. One where you eat freely, happily and readily.

All in all your body deeply loves you and as an intuitive body and mindset business coach that’s what sets alternative personal training and reviving your body for business programs so unique. For you as businesswoman to get the results in terms of transformation through mind, body and soul, so you can have the confidence to show up, shine out and rock up for all aspects of your life.

Are you ready to take action and burst through your fears to move freely and enjoy the time not just in your business but with your family and friends?

Book your free call today by clicking my name below… 👇

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