It’s not a race, unless you want a repeat of before… body and mindset business coaching

Do you remember the words… slow and steady win the race?

And even though we know this… we go for the fastest method to get somewhere. Whether in business and most certainly in health.

This is NOT to bring on guilt. This is to have honest conversations with ourselves.

Because, that most honest conversation with ourselves is your breakthrough.

The conversation that we do not want to have with ourselves, because it makes us feel a bit shit. But, we may as well get the conversation over and done with. Lay it on the table and take away the power it has over your body (through stress), your mindset (through fear) and your business (repetitive burnouts).

It’s my job as an intuitive body and mindset business coach to have a clear picture, so you can change this. YES, YOU change this!

YOUR WELLBEING, YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY, YOUR BUSINESS… Independence and freedom to make your own choices that are dying to get out.

And patience is our competition winner.

So you are able to have the time with your children, switch off from the work, never missing out because you are taking aligned action on your life by taking action and being in driving seat.

And, I am sorry to say this… it isn’t a race.

It’s a f@cking marathon… nope… its an ironman triathlon!

But, could you imagine for a moment… having the utmost belief in yourself, you are happy with the food you eat and the exercise you do. It comes easy to you and everything like money, just flows.

Can you envision it? This is your freedom.

How do you win the race?

  1. Take it slow and steady – The manifesting queen Tasha Chen says… easy and relaxed. Taking it easy, means you get iron out anything that arises. Seeing what works and doesn’t work.
  2. Hire a coach – Even coaches have coaches or therapists. A coach or a therapist is going to help guide you. Ask the right questions to help you understand more about yourself and may even challenge any beliefs you have, so you step forward with confidence. Ready to be coached? Book your ‘Back to School’ call.
  3. Learning’s are growth – Learn through the tough times and the failings. These may feel painful, yet are your periods of growth, where you gain strength in your own abilities. Try yelling, “plot twist!!” from time to time.
  4. Love the journey – That’s what this is, it’s a journey. A long journey, but a worthwhile to action and achieve what you’ve always wanted. And for my clients desires, that TIME.
  5. Listen to your body – She’s communicating with you all the time. To stop the 3am wakings or the injuries at the most inconvenient times. Talk to her. What does she really want? For you to be happy. Learn to work with your body here.

This about healing you, and as you heal so does your bring clarity and focus into business, your life and your relationships. As you let go of the weight, discover the activity you love and become stronger, having the confidence to give yourself the time you’ve always deserved.

You are enough

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