The tale of sugar and overcoming the anxiety attack

Never before did I ever realise the part food played in my anxiety attacks.

As part of my own healing, I have been getting to the root of my own wellbeing.

I posed a question…

How do I keep moving forward on the path to healing my own wellbeing?

Well, as always the universe sends me an answer the teach me loud and so crystal clear. An answer in my own diet.

Since July 2019 I stopped drinking

Then in November my body started to rejected wheat

However, in January my body told me intuitively 10g of sugar. So I stopped..

Until… I tried gluten again in March which resulted in a haemorrhoid and diverticulitis pain

Errrr… nope. Not for my body while in healing.

Then… I thought I’d go back to sugar… or should I say… gluten free goodness in the form of very sugary donuts

The spike in sugar heightened an anxiety I am healed from.

Fear of being alone and fear of being attacked by someone and to learn to TRUST the moment.

I decided in my heightened notion to go camp in our tent on my own. To which the emotion became full blown.

This is a very real anxiety for many women including women in business.

It can paralyse us from doing what we want to do, because we are distracted from our own tasks including life as well as business.

I ended up locking myself in our car to ‘stay safe’

This is the ‘very real’ intense kind of anxiety I hadn’t felt in sometime and an anxiety that needs to be dealt with too.

While in the ‘moment’ there was a tiny bit of rationality and something in my body was telling me to ‘let it pass’ and ‘do not suppress it’ to learn that ‘I am safe’

So I stayed alone in the dark in the car, scared, watching the shadows.

My intuition doesn’t work as well in deep situations like this. But, I had glimmers of hope during more rational moments.

…Go to sleep and it will all be fine tomorrow…

I got out the car and back into our tent, with no one in. Even less SAFE now and turned on a torch, I decided to pull an angel card of the evening and maybe this will resonate with you…

FIRE – Take responsibility of your power

On looking at the card fire power colours radiating out of the woman’s hair but they turn transmuting into cooler calmer hues of blues with a bright white light in the middle, as she is able to see the light again, with almost all that fear, anxiety and resentment she has towards herself vanishing. She’s using this to caress and calm a woman in need.

It’s beautiful, and on feeling the cards energy the word ‘mindful’ came through.

Mindful of how you translate your words to yourself during periods of anxiety. But, equally the practice mindfulness via exercise and activity. Take some time out to let the moment diffuse and find something like your feet to focus on. Learn to physically ‘ground’ yourself.

Ask yourself, what is it that you need during this moment that’s going to help you unlock your physical and emotional wellbeing…

For me, it was sleep and at my root… TRUST and with TRUST comes CONFIDENCE.

Which grows and shows in the work you do.

What do you need to unlock your physical and emotional wellbeing today?

After a night of sleep, I wrote this. Writing about something that I could not of possibly written as coherently on that night. Knowing that someone, maybe you… needs to read this and possibly share this on.

Has your diet ever affected your moods? Here is a simple and quick physical (yet grounding) exercise while you are transitioning to a more balance in your life, business and diet…

Trina x

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