7 Lessons walking up Snowdon has taught me about business and life

I choose adventure, I choose life, I choose happiness.

In my 40th year, it’s been time for adventure. Time for new starts, but most importantly. Time for me.

It’s amazing how things get put off, the hikes, the swimming in beautiful places, the life on the edge or FREEDOM.

This has led me to take life by the horns and start my quest for adventure. I’ve love the BIG cycle rides, mammoth hikes, however, something has been missing… walking Snowdon. The hike up the beautiful tallest beauty at 1085m mountain in the Snowdonia range in Wales.

It’s a breath-taking area and you do not see the top of the mountain (from the Llanberis path) until you have climbed at least a 2-3 miles of it.

It’s beautiful and undulating with very steep walking areas, with the most tremendous views. However, we did choose the best day for it. From many reviews the weather can change fast and although warmer at the bottom and during its rise, the top is a VERY different story! The wind picks up and the temperature can drop rapidly.

An example of our day 19 degrees at the bottom to 5 at the top. A stark contrast.

This is what gave me the forethought to write this, because there are many lessons to be learned in business and life from walking this striking Welsh beauty.

  1. Be prepared – Yes, anyone can hike Snowdon. However, hiking over rocks in flip flops, taking no water to stay hydrated or even not eating is a recipe for a problematic journey. There’s a little shop two thirds of the way up (depending on route you take) where you can buy items such as water, cups of tea etc. And accept cards over £5. Being prepared in business is just the same. Eating and drinking plenty of fluid allows for clarity, focus and concentration, plus gives you the energy to get through tasks with ease. While clothes that provide confidence yet comfort and last during a working day make a difference and do not distract you from your great purpose.
  2. Overcome mental blocks – Looking at this mountain can provide a great sense of fear and excitement all at the same time. It also creates an illusion which may feed any beliefs. You may question your ability as it gets longer, steeper and more arduous. Your confidence may lower. This is where it’s good to work on your mindset, build your confidence, tell yourself you can do it or have someone cheering you on. If you think you can… is VERY true
  3. Take it in your stride – There is no rush to do this. Conserve your energy. The more energy, the more chance of completing the walk, just the same as in business. When things are tough, take a step to the side, regroup, gain back some energy, focus and strength to start again. Slow and steady wins always and they still have their strength in tact to enjoy to fruits of their labour.
  4. Listen to your body – Life gets better when you listen to your body. If she needs to rest part way up, allow her to rest. You can feel this with any aches and pains that you have. Your body is communicating, every time you eat, move, make a business call. This ‘inner guidance’ your gut instinct, is part of you. Isn’t it better to listen and enjoy the journey much more?
  5. Have fun – even when it gets tough – Isn’t life better when its FUN? That beautiful feeling and having fun as you go. Laughing, singing, telling jokes, having an increasing sense of excitement and anticipation of what’s to come and it is coming. Do you notice that when business and life is fun, everything goes better? It just flows and grows.
  6. Look after your physicality – Take care of your physicality while taking action. Treating her with the love and respect to provide your best friend. Love her moves and thank her for how far she has carried you and what she will do in the future for you. Without her this would not be happening. Move her that little bit more, gift her a little more water, give her food that makes her happy (read step 4. listen to your body), shower her in sunlight, help her smile with good people and through having good times.
  7. The top is GREAT – after an arduous climb – It’s great at the top! The fact that, you made it!!! And after an arduous climb. But, even though the climb was arduous (only in places) look how far you have come, what you have completed (especially in life and business). Reflect on the strength you have to get you through, the lessons learned and the greatness that you can achieve once you put your mind to it. You will realise, nothing was a mistake and it was only to get you to where you are. You did it all. Well done.

What do you do after? Well, that’s only up to you!

For me… I’ve celebrating with planning more adventures for growth like this one.

Enjoy the YouTube video

Trina xx

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