Honouring healing and basic needs when anything arises

Have you ever honoured where you are and your healing journey?

When you are due to have a call. However, you feel like don’t want to talk to that person today, because deep down you know they are in a lower mood than you are and you know you need to look after your energy while you enjoying a happier, higher vibe frequency.

It’s ok to feel this way, you are human and it’s all part of learning boundaries. Which can take some time.

Recently, I release my attachment to sugar when I realised that refined sugars heightened my healing anxiety…

I feel it also covered my need to please others.

It’s taken working on the emotions as they arise. I did not realise until I tuned fully into my body’s needs and became more aware of others energy including that of my how diet played a part in this.

And due to this being part of my journey, I want to be honest.

My confidence has grown through the journey of honouring my body’s needs one by one and healing them with either with daily card reading and discipline around my ‘FREEDOM TOOLS’

Making mistakes… even though there aren’t any

You learn by making your own mistakes in life. However, mistakes in my world are lessons and learnings.

Just like deciding to take that call, faced with a choice. Listen or learn.

Which ended with me learning by taking the call and lowering my light to reflect and relate to the person in question. This person is not at fault, they have their own side of responsibility. The responsibility for my light, is mine and mine alone. Just like your business, health, life and emotions are your responsibility only. This is the beauty of the work I continue to do. Taking responsibility of your own stuff, no more blame, shame and guilt. Instead, honour, gift yourself freedom and love.

The aftermath of the conversation and gratitude

A swelling formed in my mouth, triggering pain in the left side of the face and back of the head. Anger at how I could let this happen and not speak up! Funny, how the body’s physiology changes with the emotions we go through.

I took a cup hot water and had an urge to card read, then heal through sleep and meditation.

As the water soothed my mouth, I felt a burning desire to draw 4 cards for conflict resolution.

Card 1 – Email – the conflict – Email is about the messages sending to self. The words that came through… patriarchy, mistrust, conscience and conflict. The may be conflict when trying to trust life and your inner self. It’s ok, it’s all about learning and progression. Adopt a feminine approach that is equally balanced with masculine side. Keep learning to give yourself credit where credit it due. Just like being aware (and grateful) of the inner signal, rather than emphasis on the action not taken.

Card 2 – Job – my side of the equation – Be present with your own gifts, your knowledge and your choices. It’s your job to do well and sell.

Card 3 – Falling – the other persons side – Be careful of what you say, why you say it and the time you say it. Steeped in fear judgement and execution she’s out to mend her own broken heart and make a new start.

Card 4 Flying – How you (or both of you) move on – Be in plain sight with passion, delight and conviction. Never dwell on the discoveries you make. In other words, adopt positive patterns to stop thinking about it.

Find your happy and move forward.

Such a beautiful energetic reading as I allowed the pain in my mouth the speak out as the energy of it released through watery eyes and big yawns. So powerful, yet so simple.

Attitude of gratitude

I couldn’t finish there because the universe shares little reminders to help you along. Such as this book, gifted by my friend Leanne. It was so funny because I pulled it from my bag a day later.

Living a life of Gratitude by Sara Wiseman

There’s something to be said about giving gratitude for lessons learned, being grateful for the person in question allowing the feelings to come up for healing and knowing that person is on their own path too. Being grateful for this experience, allows me to know what I want, create new boundaries and be clearer around my first instincts. Trust

Trina x

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