I forced myself back to bed… and woke up a top class superstar!

I forced myself back to bed. Yep, you heard right… I forced myself to go back to bed while the kids were at school.

I have an old conditioning inside me, and it’s time to work through it.

If you stay in bed, then you MUST BE lazy… who else?

And this belief is VERY contradictory to what I teach.

For rest is vital for personal growth

The forceful pushing through tasks when tired can be detrimental not only to health but our sanity and our family life. And we’ve been told soooo many times sleep is GOOD

So, here I am, laying here typing this up intuitively. How I feel, right now in the moment. God damn tired, but unable to sleep.

So unpacking the parts of my mind here, allowing it to say what it needs while I jot it down intently

Have you ever done this for your mindchatter?

I’ve plenty of reasons (some would say excuses) to be here. It’s my period week and my kids are alive. I will repeat that, it’s my period week and my kids are alive and in school. That’s all the ‘excuses’ I need.

I don’t need to nutrition myself out of this, I do not need to exercise my butt out of this. Instead I am giving myself a much needed break.

Infact, my body has sent me a message in the via mail saying ‘stop’ and I forgot to open it until now.

And as the incessant mind chatter lessens, I realise just how much needed space we may not give ourselves as women. I know when I trained as a PT, a lot of it… in fact non of it is based around the science of women’s monthly cycles and as a woman living right in the depth of her cycles. I may as well give a perpective straight from the horses mouth. I am frustrated, cranky and lethargic and if it wasn’t for the fact I am teetotal, I’d grab the nearest bottle of wine and poor a glass while watching netlix.

However, this is the process I needed to do…


Listen to the chatter and journal a little more than I usually do, before I sleep.

Shit happens! I am human

And as human women on periods, we forget that sh!t and get caught up in our kids, schools, husbands and business worlds. This is nothing to beat ourselves up over. It’s to understand where we are, accept who we are and love the socks of us for being different to men.

It fascinates me when I see my mirror in others, showing me… this is what you want and need…

  • My daughter coming home from her boyfriends and going straight to bed
  • My husband just chilling and watching sh!t TV
  • My kids playing computer games

They all have their own way of chilling out, whether I feel it’s addictive or not is my own judgement. But they are happy as they are.

Yet, all this triggers something in me!

I want to chill out and relax this week too! How do they get ALL this TIME, lazy beggars! 😉

To be honest, it’s a reminder that my relaxation IS MY OWN RESPONSIBILITY NOT THEIR’S

But, I can’t, I can’t switch off from the incessant needing to do and think.

  • The next module of the degree – chill you are a week ahead
  • The house being tidy – chill it’s tidy and cleaned!
  • The website needs sorting – chill your mojo always comes
  • The email needs sending – chill you can do that later or apologise and send tomorrow

This worrying over this belief of being lazy and thinking sleep is a luxury is…

>Attributes to headaches

>Brings feelings of frustration

>Slows us down

>We feel like we are pushing against an invisible tide

Rather than this, how do we change this?

If (like me) no one is in the diary today, and all you just need to do is remember the alarm to pick up the kids.

Then let’s start with changing the language of the belief and actually feel into the words as you read the here…

  1. If you go to bed you will feel more energised and get more done
  2. If I take myself to bed I will feel more worthy, special, wonderful, gifted, kind, compassionate, powerful and exhilarated

You try the ‘good feeling words technique’… If I take myself to bed I will feel….

Already, as a smile and say the words coming from me. I sense something better

What words that benefit you, hit me up in the comments.

Love to hear you thoughts about tapping into a new loving feelings to benefit not only your health but your life and business.

Trina xx

P.S. Quick update, had a lovely sleep. Woke up firing on ALL cylinders!! And managed to show up with more focus and clarity… as well as not leave the any children stranded at the school gate… Headache 0 – Energised me – 10

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