What does loneliness feel like? And can we use self love to heal it?

This post comes from two places, a post I wrote about loneliness and a fabulous blog an amazing friend Rosalyn Palmer wrote.

Have you felt increasing loneliness? Maybe you are happy to admit when you feel lonely, scared, etc

Yet, feel sometimes as though that we are forced to wear this as some kind of badge of honour, especially in my case of pleasing those around you.

Admit it, you have more ups, than downs, right? Yet, many of us really notice the negative more. Mainly because it’s pre conditioned… watch this interview with Lesley Wells

Do you count your ups and give gratitude to when a down feeling goes?

What’s the point of making ourselves unhappy because someone else is? Is it a place to empathise yet not move our own happiness to sit in the same position? Non of that does not bode well for our health, our human condition nor that of the person we comfort. It’s like a seesaw… they rise, you lower. Rather than that, stay risen and give the person love to grow with you.

What do you do when you feel lonely?

I know many people who give themselves sometime first, then open up to friends. It’s OK, to exercise your boundaries but equally know when you need people. Call your friends, maybe it;’s time to tell them those words.


Those words are brave, those words open you up to human connection. Those words, say… I am here! I am ready to laugh and possibly have fun!!

Are you craving fun, people to share your passions with, and equally they do too!!

Maybe you LOVE being around people, but equally LOVE being alone. I am that person too!

Yes its OK to be alone and spend time on your own. A time to go to recharge revitalise and relax!

Loneliness nor admitting loneliness, does it make you weak? Hell no!!

It’s a very brave thing to do, to admit your vulnerability, to admit when you need someone. We crave connection it’s part of our DNA. This is why distancing ourselves from humans may cause
more separation and sometimes we cannot articulate what we want.

Many of us, do not want to admit we are lonely

Say it! If people see you as mad for doing so, they are NOT your people.

Finding connection with people away from social media

Do you feel social media can be very noisy? You have friendships on there and amazing opportunities, yet maybe we missing out on people who are offline. In face to face networking groups, co working groups, exercise communities (such as gyms/health clubs), in local business set ups and even the mums at the school gates.

YOU CAN LOVE yourself and feel lonely… is it time to reconnect with those you love

There is life through loneliness. I feel that is to UP your self care and reconnect with your close friends, seeek therapy or groups

I went away to read today’s card… ANIMAL

ANIMAL features calming blues covering a block of read at the bottom. A compassionate looking woman, laying looking at a bird. It card speaks volumes about nature, how can you reconnect with those you love in times of restrictions. Is online really working for you? Take yourself safely into nature and invite a friend to share this trip. Reminisce and let go of what is on your mind. Allow yourself (and your friend) to put rights to the world, feel the wild side come out with it ending in laughter. It’s been kept inside for way too long.
Unravel the deep seated feelings felt and allow for the reconnection to source to come through. The being outdoors will allow for the soul to cleanse and the work on your and your friend to take hold ending this day in a sunnier disposition than when started. When alone… is it time to take long baths, practice yoga, walk by self and feel the connection held with the wild life and trees (even walk a little faster, explore a little farther) and allow a natural conversation with yourself to bridge new ways of solving love within you.

I get ‘allowing’ from this, allowing yourself to just chill out when you have time out

How are you reconnecting with your loneliness?

Trina xx

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