The Lewis Hamilton strategy to transform health, business and life?

This is inspired by watching the Turkish 2020 Grand Prix… and seeing Lewis Hamilton win his 7th World title I have to admit brought a fair few tears to my eyes. The only other person to do this was Michael Schumacher.

In my 40 years on this earth, seeing this momentous occasion made me sooo proud as a black woman, but what really warmed me was within my mixed raced sons beautiful blue eyes. In awe.

That’s inspiration and diversity… to see the only mixed race black man winning a very rich seemingly non diverse sport.

It shows us, anything is possible. You can come from humble beginnings and make BIG impacts, which I know many of you that read this are.

This isn’t about diversity today, but our body… or should I say car 😉

My main question… what if your breaks went, yet you avoided disaster by correcting your moves? And what does this have to do with Lewis Hamilton?

This is what happened on Sunday to Lewis…

The 35 years old is by no means slowing down and when he passed the finish line, I could feel his own pride and how much he has grown (within his body and mindset) from being a young driver.

Years of hidden anger, pushing and making mistakes.

How many of us do this?

Viewing his progress over all these years, we may noticed that he’s mastered his craft. This isn’t the Lewis that broke down mistakes anymore. We now have the Lewis who feels the car, this is the man Even though he has a great car. I feel it takes a great mindset to truly drive a great car.

I feel with less aggression, makes it easier to navigate any mistakes, which I feel makes great for a competitive nature, more importantly edge over what is felt like… the competition. The only competition really is ourselves, especially when it comes to health.

Can we identify with this as we truly learn to understand our own physicality?

I identified he was at a disadvantage and his breaks were broken… all while driving more than 200mph in the rain. Everything was against him (starting in 6th) this is where I felt he used strategy to win. He didn’t make illegal moves, walk over anyone else and when he tired to overtake, you could see it wasn’t the right moment which saw him come off the track and loose a place to Alex Albon. This was a very much nail-biting TV, would he stick to the racing line?

It was hard for many drivers to overtake! There was opportunity but very limited. And when they did, they skidded and ended up many places down the grid.

Yet, he waited while others pushed too hard, couldn’t handle the mistakes, neglected the feel of the car and got lost in the noise. You could feel the tension out there, it was downright dangerous!

And yes! You could see he wanted to drive faster and harder… like everyone else. Who doesn’t!!

As I said, he wasn’t the only one.

L’clerc ended up smacking his wheel during the loss of a podium slot. I remember seeing this in Hamilton when he was younger.

Can you relate?

Going for pole! What can we learn from this?

So, from starting 6th and in the worst conditions form what I saw, don’t go fast in dangerous conditions but take advantage of the better moments

  1. To overtake when the situation calls for it

2. To feel the power of the car – go with it not against it (because you will end up in a spin)

3. Although, listen to a team of experts, equally listen your gut instinct. do not ignore it. The words came to me… Lewis says ‘How many laps can we do on these tyres?” to be answered “We don’t know Lewis.” So, he was left to trust the car and his ability. Do you trust your car(body) and your ability?

4. Take it slow and be consistent – Allow yourself to speed up and take advantage at the right moment.

And next…?

And one by one as they either spun off the road, took impulse decisions led by others.

While you suddenly find yourself at the front, not just any lead… a 25 second lead. The longest lead in that race ever. Not only breaking a record on track but in the world… 7 times world champion!

A winner through physical and mental strategy… A person who (from what it seems) believes in fun, play, adventure, rest, activity, eating well and working hard with balance.

On looking at the interview thereafter, he was in his full calm exterior talking about having fun out there, humbly thanking everyone down to the cleaners, speaking about celebrating with a minestrone soup, a glass of wine and a catch up with the boys.

Think of your body as a car today, where is it driving you to?

  • Does it have fuel?
  • Do you need to take it for a drive, so is doesn’t cease up?
  • Do you know what it feels like, when it likes something?
  • What to do when the breaks go?
  • Or feel the need to slow before a crash?
  • Do you have a team to help with your car?

But, my most important question to you… do you trust what your car can do?

It’s OK seeking the answers from an expert yet ultimately the car becomes our own responsibility, not that of the expert.

How can you make a closer connection to the car that not only drives your health, but your life and your business?

Trina – The Alternative Personal Trainer

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