Are you instilling your basic needs?

Maybe you know the importance of your basic needs… I felt it was super important to write a blog on this.

However, you may have slipped back a bit and if so, this is for you. You probably feel like you stepped back in time… (like the Kylie song)

We may feel the practices are getting in the way of the LONG to-do lists. Especially, during busy times.

Yet, I am here say (but, I think we know it deep down already). Our practices are here to help us get clearer energy, a lifted vibration and help us not only get things done in a manageable yet, timely manner. But, they equally help us stay laser-focused on your purpose.

So, this year 2021, I have decided to go BRAVE and BOLD

Do you feel you can’t do something? Or every thing is WAY TOO BIG?

You are not the only one. It’s 6am here and I write this after 5.5hrs sleep. Yet, I felt these words come through and I knew I needed to write them, because there was no way I was sleeping with my mind going like the crackers. So I write this, not just for me but, for you too.

It’s just a blip, and we may already know ‘deep down’ that we can sort this out. And do you know why? Because there’s too much a stake going back.

Documenting and deciphering your dreams?

I had a dream! 😉

That night. A dream that I was taking a photo of someone I knew. We were in her new back garden.. with lot’s a green grass. The place seemed to be a in England, but over her tiny wooden fence there was more green grass and a parallel path residing next to a canal, next to the canal was a BIG tall French ‘Cevennes-like‘ cliff (heaven knows why I am thinking brexit talks 😉).

A beautiful cliff with two paths that resemble two levels… one in the middle and one near the top. Really high up.

I went back to taking the picture but, was trying to find the ‘right angle’ without getting the neighbours fence in. I took it and told her I was preparing to meet another friend on the top path. We were going to walk the top path. Then I saw a map (including the path)… 9 miles exactly. From walking through a wild west type of area, across the cliff to the countryside at the edge of a city.

But, I had to think of how I was going to get to the starting point, the place I was to meet my friend. I felt it was in on the outskirts of the wild west… next to a countryside roundabout (uk based).

Why am I sharing my dream with you?

Because I truly believe dreams resemble what’s going on in waking life. It doesn’t mean I am seeing the cliff’s of the Cevennes 🤣. However, the interpretation is within our thoughts and feelings. According to famous psychologist Carl Jung, our dreams where based on our subconscious needing to communicate with us.

Deciphering my own dreams, has brought calm, peace, warmth and personal growth into my life.

And it is beautiful to sit next to the lit Christmas tree (yes, it was 2020), deciphering them.

What were my feelings?

Safety but seeking freedom, I felt ready for the challenge yet a sense of worry in terms of where to start. Even though, I may know where to go.

Do you write (or even decipher) your dreams?

Or even write a journal during a sleepless night, especially that moment you wake and your mind is chattering with a blog, post or something you just have to share.

Or do you shake it off and try to desperately go back to sleep?

I consider this the perfect time to sit and allow the thoughts out onto paper, because the more you let go of them… the better the sleep is (going back to sticking to your practices, such as journaling). Just like I am doing for you right now. A time to let out ALL the STUFF whirling in your mind, so you start to relax and feel better within yourself. A more freedom based mind.

And as the mind is now emptied and relaxed (plus a powernap scheduled in) to take on the day ahead… it’s a lovely time to take a night to light sunrise walk up the field.

Much love

Trina x

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