That moment freeze and then… let go

It’s amazing what happens to us, when we have too many ideas and we don’t know how to unpack them.

Yet, instead we freeze… with the fear that time is running out.

The panic is real people!!

I woke with just that feeling, not able to move. Too many ideas and thoughts whirling around in my mind and my head.

And as I ‘surrendered’ to them

The real panic set in.

I couldn’t move

And as much as we want to walk or do what we practices… for this moment we just can’t.

So, I didn’t.

I sat with it knowing that I won’t be with it for long. That it’s just a passing…

Like seasons changing.

Sometimes when we are paralysed with fear it can make it difficult for us to get up and moving with our business health or even life.

And this is where the incredible practice of compassion comes in. To just go with it and be kind to yourself.

That can mean… allowing the tears up and out (in my case)

Fear may stops us, but sometimes fear can also be wake us up. And once it’s passed, comes a profound catalyst for moving forward with growth.

How has fear affected you as a committed businesswoman?

Trina xx

What are the narratives you are telling yourself when it comes to health?

Are you ready to free yourself from other peoples words for profound success in business, life and health?

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