Malham to Janet Foss

You know when you have one of those dreams of swimming in a waterfall? Maybe you do not. But, I know I do.

And Janet Foss has been on my list for sometime.

After swimming in the beautiful waterfalls of the Watkins path in Snowdonia, it was time to travel to the heart of the Yorkshire dales Malham Cove.

But not before a pitstop in Skipton, a gorgeous market town with pretty little shops, a lovely little canal to sit near while eating gluten free fish and chips from Bizzie Lizzies! Heavenly.

We took the windy road route to Malham (a lot of single track with passing places), and when we got there Malham Village was super busy. Well, it has major tourist attractions! But it is a well managed place with many car parks.

Coming out of the visitor car park, we crossed the road to a small bridge over the most clearest of streams, where we turned right and walked along a well gravelled path next following the stream.

Along the stream are little water falls and natural jacuzzies.

It’s all open for around 1 mile before you enter a wooden gate into dense woodland… and that smell of wild garlic. Perfect for picking (pick the higher levels, much cleaner) for my wild garlic, leek and potato soup… post and video here

You follow the path through the woods and up some steps to the most beautiful of waterfalls. Yes, is was busy. Yet, it was fantastic.

And off course I threw off clothes (I have a bikini on people!) and got in!

Is it cold? Yes! Even on a sunny day it’s freezing.

But, there is something so magical about being here… and while people jumped in. I was able to find a sense of calm, a sense of connection and a revel in the beauty of being there. Forgetting the crowd.

It was just me and the water. Watch our short YouTube video here 👇

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