Wensleydale to West Witton along the River Ure

The best thing about letting go, is that you can go away without attachment to anything or anyone.

You can truly switch off from work

Crazy or what??

It’s not really that crazy to switch off from my purpose helping emerging leaders… so we can both grow.

Me and the husband decided to take some much needed time away, besides half term it was my husband birthday and our wedding anniversary. Instead of a walk up the previously planned Scarfell Pike (the biggest mountain in the England), we decided to drive to the Yorkshire dales and park in the beautiful village of Wensleydale and walk along the river Ure towards West Witton.

Our start started at a small bridge which takes you into some woodlands. Woodland where you are hit with the beautiful smell of… garlic (check out my wild garlic soup post). Wild garlic, the aromas are gorgeous and as you walk further into the woods you are surprised by the hidden deer.

Can you see it?

If you are ever wondering where the adundance is in your life… it is right here.

The animals, the forgery, the flowing river.

It is magical and as you come out of the woodland you are welcomed by a field full of sheep and buttercups.

To be honest, I wanted to spend the day at the beach in the sand. It wasn’t until we stumbled on our spot by the river, a beautiful big old tree… in sand! A little sandy cove to relax and paddle, in fact you could walk across the river as it wasn’t deep at all. However, I will pop a disclaimer… please do not attempt to walk across rivers in heavy rainfall or are very deep, fast flowing… remember flow may not be seen too, unless you know what you are looking for.

A very promising day with beautiful gluten free cheese scones for eating.

Cannot wait to visit again

Trina xx

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