Busy thinking rather than enjoying? Is it time to STOP and smell the flowers

Last week I was stung by a bee. Ouch!

This was followed by a moment of distress and upset to full concern for the bee (which usually die), however, gathered he energy and went about the rest if this day.

And me, my ego and my leg… healed fast.

But, it got me pondering. Because bee’s are such a wonderful species, especially the humble bumble.

They work very hard, finding the flowers to pollinate. He takes them back to his very sterile home filled with bee spit (honey) and goodness like pollen. Both have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helpful for many ailments.

The best thing about watching bees is the time they take to stop and smell the flowers. That moment they take to recharge between job and the fact that they need to by hydrated (if not boosted)with nutrients they die or burnout.

I am sure many of us have taken time to feed bees with a spoon of sugar water to help them get up and carry on their jobs.

The same information can be translated to us humans too.

  • Take the rest
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat the food

When we do, we create the firepower to move worlds because we have just given ourselves time to breathe, allowing for space to create and boost our energy to grow.

Trina x

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