Deprivation vs. Appreciation of food

It is important that sometimes we ask tough questions of ourselves. These tough questions can lead to many breakthroughs.

So, today I ask the question (for us to look objectively at)

If you feel you are depriving yourself of food and find you are struggling to find food to eat. Are you better to just eat the food you have?

And having that feeling of happy while eating it.

Having appreciation for having it and work on the deeper emotions.

A song popped into my head… always look on the brightside of life.

We have all this gorgeousness, of all colours and tastes.

We have the choice to bless it, to love it, to slowly (yet lovingly) devour it… like a Nigella advert 😉

Then maybe next time we add something that makes our body sing, by feeling into how you want your health to be and what makes YOU feel good.

You see, for many of my clients… this is what their body is looking for


Sometimes we are going to find that the cupboards have no food in and we haven’t done the weekly shop yet.

And it’s the same dish AGAIN!

Psychologically this can feel like deprivation… which can stem from childhood

So, let’s try a different tack… eat the food, then deal with the underlying emotion.

Just like you have done when creating your amazingly successful business.

This means letting go of..

  • The need to cook fresh 24/7
  • The need to eat clean 100% of the time
  • The need to plan every single meal

Start small! Tiny steps make a massive difference.

Is it time to slowly get to grips with understanding your emotional food patterns?

Emotions are a great catalyst for why, how and what we eat. Ever ate when happy, mad or sad? Feel into it… what happens?

And start to become aware of it.

As we become aware, we start to understand the behaviour patterns. Patterns we have total power to change.

If you are like me and this pattern causing a lot of health issues. Is it time to deal with the emotion that is linked to the cyclic behaviours? Slowly learning to lovingly let go of the social and environmental connections to this too.

One of the ways we can do this is to trick our brain into thinking it was still having it.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what isn’t.

Or changing who (and when) we hang out with in various social situations and circles. Opting for different. And understanding the emotions behind this.

Again, it’s making those small changes.

It is only when you have had enough of the physical/emotional reactions that sometimes we truly let go.

And you are strong enough! Society would think have you think you are not.

If you can be strong in enough business, you can transfer those skills into your health and stop relying on the answers from your PT, society and even asking me!

Why? The answer residing in you!

You have the POWER to choose

What is real choice?

It is the choice to choose based on how you feel, not what you have been told.

All the self’s… self regulation, self appreciation, self respect, self validation, self compassion (and so on) to be your own best friend.

Learning to go with your gut. Rather than Penny down the road tells you to drink this or eat something that is hurting your body.

It takes time to master the communication between you and your inner being, however working together aligns your body, mindset and business to new heights.

To make these choices we need one thing

TIME… We all know in business, if we ignore something small. Such as accounts, it grows into something it didn’t need to become.

Same is with health too

Trina xx

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