The time-out for happiness, fun and a clear mind

I am writing this, because many women have expressed to me, that they have felt guilt for taking time out.

When they deserve abundance

When they deserve sovereignty

When they deserve to live bountifully

And they are all those things!

Yet, they felt like they needed to keep doing when their energy isn’t there and the body is screaming no.

They have felt to sudden desperation of doing ‘just one more thing’ when they have done all the action tasks.

They have felt the sudden onset of guilt for not pushing further when their body is saying silence and quiet mind.

Awareness has become a big part of their life, whether they do or they just be.

Because their body is yearning for fun, their body is yearning for time out, their body is yearning for calm.

Their diaries are filled with appointments and visiting people, they live a great life. So, what do they have to complain about???

Their narrative is pushing past impatience

Their narrative is saying keep searching and seeking

Their narrative is saying you have got to please

However, they know only too well. That if they listen to the narrative and keep doing (and keep going). That they come to a brick wall. Nothing has gone further than the action they have calmly taken before.

She dismissed her physical calls, but her body was trying to communicate through her sleep patterns, irregular menstrual cycle, physical movements, unusual blood pressure to her digestive system.

And this is what happened, she ended up in the hospital.

Her muscles are tight and burning.

This is the fear within her

This is the level of unease even though she had already done her bit

She did not need to push anymore

And now she’s faced with guilt

The guilt that stems from her childhood but has a great connection with her corporate career and the bubble she was in making great money in the city. The one she has left to become a great coach.

And it’s the guilt that needs to go and met her needs instead

Ignoring herself was no longer an option

Instead she faced and learned what her inner self is saying, because her inner self is her. Her scared inner child and her inner child has needs.

This could be physiological or psychological based… such as love, such as safety, such as food or water

When her needs are met, she is calm, happy, joyful, vibrant… and physically at ease.

To allow her to truly BE and keep moving forward with her uprising, her self care is on high alert.

To show her she’s worthy, she needs feeding well, to show her she’s deserving she chose a little luxury time out, to show her she wanted to let as much love in (as she gives out).

For her, that is why she her body is screaming so loud

Her basic right of safety (whether psychological or physiological) is to be met.

And my client is honoured to know this about herself through communicating with her inner self. You can see this tension dissipate.

And I am honoured she is sharing this moment with me.

She is in touch with her own life

Trina xx

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