Honest articulated conversations can raise the vibration of low vibe words?

My shadow work is always a true eye-opener, I am no expert.

This is purely my own experience

For me, it has led me to articulate how I feel with those around me, release my hidden depths through surrendering and is ever leading me to the most delightful (and loving) conversations with many people. Just honest (loving) talk.

Especially one with a new swimmer at my local health club.

I was saying how her backstroke is amazing and I was honest… my backstroke needed a little bit more training.

Her reply was… wow! I am in ‘envy’ of your breaststroke. I wish I could do that.

I said… at this rate. You will. Just keep swimming. You are really mastering and amazing at this!

The swimmer: Really??

Me: yes! I have been watching your strokes, just amazing!

I asked, how long she had been swimming… 5 weeks

Me: Wow!! You have learnt all this in 5 weeks!! Go you!

I asked if she loved it, but you could tell it shone from her.

These conversations light me up, the level of honesty from both of us. This is not hiding our emotions and pretending they do not exist.

This was literally relieving our body of words such as jealousy, envy etc

Learning to articulate takes a deep pinnacle dive into who you do not want to be seen as. However, this area is pure gold.

That hidden and suppressed emotion that once manifested into pain is being released and opening us up to more

This is allowing the scared child inside to speak, to voice, to be heard… but most of all… open to give and receive love

Not just from herself but from others

I have so much love for the swimmer

It makes me realise… I am not great at everything, but I can be awesome at many things.

This is why I feel we will continually learn as a human species.

To step into that vulnerable side comes a rise in vibration and love all around.

And in my personal opinion, this level of honesty (and love at the helm), gives permission for someone to themselves articulate (without the trigger).

We give and receive love

And sometimes this is all us humans need… love

To validate where we are without malice and exude love to someone else.


What is your experience of this?

Me and the fabulous Ena Bautista speak about shadows during my LIVE interview, check it out below

Trina xx

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