Paralysed over money? Surrendering to LOVE…

Our level of honesty will always help someone out there… and this is me…

Admitting that I panic over money, this is why I have stayed doing things for so long, that do not resonate.

Let me share with you what I mean…

In terms of money, I always have what I need…

Yet, I still panic

I am taking a punt on me and my work as a coach.

My mind has been incessant with words… it’s not enough, you could do this… why not do that? And you can do that?

For me, this is a coping mechanism to keep working at something… ANYTHING, hiding the REAL TRUTH

To be LOVED… a basic need that needs recognising.

And as I sit in the present moment all is fine, I am enough and loveable. Yet I am aware of an impending urge to become a magpie and keep seeking the shiny objects (trainings and programs) for the answers to gaining more and keeping going.

Do not get me wrong, any trainings I do give extra information… but… they equally add to the layers of confusion.

What I am not doing is… FULLY allowing.

To take the time out and ALLOW myself to be loved by all around me. So here I am… taking the time out.

I have taken the actions, I have the done the strategy (as people say in business) and it feels so aligned… yet it is scary. The not knowing. It is in the not knowing, that my mind is wanting to make decisions for me.


Because, it FEELS TOO EASY… when everything in life is supposed to be hard.

My Akashic record reading practice shares, it’s like being a fish out of water and they are not kidding!

It is like a part of me wants to curl up… there’s been tears and tantrums from my mind. Yet, my inner guidance, my guides etc repeat… it’s all fine and it is!

That I can take this leap… that I am supported… wholeheartedly

Even if reality, throws up things to move you off course.

This is something that we get to simply work at.

Just like in Harry Potter, where Professor Snape tells Harry… “You have to control your mind, Harry.”

It’s true!!

Hence I have to take time out for me to allow. To keep practice keeping my mind in check. To let go of past hurts. To face what is under the coping mechanisms and move on… It’s all unknown. This is why the mind would like to fill the future gaps with it’s own ‘happened in the past’ theories.

So I question… rather than feeling scared, what if what I felt is excitement? And this is what my body is sharing?

Both are of the same FEELING! The anticipation, the gut feelings, the shaking… Yet, we get taught one more than the other.

This has led me into my shadow or deeper side, cleaning the energy that is around me at this moment. To reveal my own self worth, self esteem and self respect. Giving myself LOVE and allowing to be LOVED… We are all loveable you know.

The more I do this, the more I give from my heart.

And as dip into my EXCITEMENT and start to write more. I feel more aligned to myself and my needs.

Hence taking time out and jumping into the deep end of my soul.

I am giving myself the time to breathe, space to create and energy to grow

I refuse to give up on myself

I am learning to work from a space of a lighter energy, my own mind and body work… less doing, more being. For me, the doing is from the opinions of others.

A visualisation a few years ago showed me… 3 different roads… the first was where I was a few years ago going round in circles, the second opened up a path that I was on recently… which I grew but was slow, the third was not fully revealed but I literally catapulted along it. This is what I have chosen.

Hence, I was called to offer intuitive mind and body coaching, which gives me soooo much pleasure and the healing vibrations keep coming, I LOVE the intuitiveness, I LOVE the flow it brings to my clients and the REAL connections my clients get with their aligned path.

Let’s play a game called… What do I LOVE?

This is a REALLY simple game, you can play it for many aspects of your life. Ask yourself ‘What do I LOVE? and build a picture of things you REALLY LOVE. Then you simply add those things into your life.

Here’s mine…

Sooo, what do I LOVE?

For me…

I LOVE writing, as I am doing now

What do I LOVE?

I LOVE learning to articulate and educate the TRUTH about HEALTH through my own healing

What do I LOVE?

I LOVE my freedom

What do I LOVE?

Spending time with my family

What do I LOVE?

I LOVE helping others in life by healing health from the root

What do I LOVE?

I LOVE having a spiritual practice for myself, as well as communicating with spirit which cultivating scientific fact.

What do I LOVE?

I LOVE ALLOWING myself to be LOVED… whether, it’s from someone else and most importantly myself.

What do you do after?

JUMP! Take action on what you have written!

Are you diving into the deep end of your life? And if so.. with what? LOVE to send a little healing for you and your growth

Trina xx

Stick around and explore what I do in this amazing interview with Nora Jane Fit, then access your introductory Akashic Record session under the video…

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2 thoughts on “Paralysed over money? Surrendering to LOVE…

  1. Great interview, Trina! I love listening to you and your wisdom. So much inspiration 🙂 Have a great holiday


    On Mon, 9 Aug 2021 at 10:33, Trina Kavanagh – Mind and Body Coach wrote:

    > Trina Kavanagh-Thomas posted: ” Our level of honesty will always help > someone out there… and this is me… Admitting that I panic over money, > this is why I have stayed doing things for so long, that do not resonate. > Let me share with you what I mean… In terms of money, I” >

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    1. Thank you so much beautiful! Hope you are having a great summer.

      Trina xx


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