Are you ready to take a leap?

The energies around the world are crazy.

Yet, my words are to you (always) hone in and focus on what YOU need right now.

An amazing woman spoke to me recently and we spoke about things not resonating anymore. A part of her work. It was giving her more hassle than it was worth.

The pressure from a boss above which was being fed into the team

But, her team want to find their own dreams.

It was one of those cross roads decisions

So, I asked her about her childhood and if anything is coming up in relation to this. She could not think of anything. This is not uncommon in any conversations I have to not remember anything… yet, I have laid a seed which I wait to bloom.

We talk a little more about the boss and you see the… ping in her mind

The ‘AHA’ moment.

She paused… You know what? I remember something, it happened at school. I was told off but wasn’t allowed to get my words out. I said something so stupid and blurting out something meaningless.

Immediately she could feel this in her jaw and neck. They had been so tight for so long.

Me: What do you want to say? Say it now…

I sit and listen to her, saying her words. Talking it all out, no tears, just relief and processing. Able to articulate her words in the way nature intended. No shouting just clear and concise… letting go.

Along with a big breath at the end.

This is when she realised, she was living someone else’s dream in her other work and was unable to say how she felt, just like all those years ago.

Another relief!

Me: You have choices now…

The first is to tell everyone and let go

(I could see the discomfort)

Me: The second is to invisibly let go

(I could see her confusion)

Me: What is the discomfort?

Her: Letting everyone down and upsetting my clients

Me: Yes, that is true. But, it is upsetting you? However, my second option, is to try that coat on. You do not have to tell anyone. You can just… let go of it all. Take the pressure off and pretend, no more messages. Play and pretend it no long existed. See what happens, where it takes you. Allow the universe to step in.

Me: Do you have a plan up your sleeve?

Her: Yes! I do and it is soooo exciting! I am going to let go and pretend and see JUST what happens. I am so excited as I LOVE my other work.

It is amazing how other peoples hopes and dreams play out. We sometimes do this too. The pressure from above can trickle down through the ranks and the values just do not align with ours. That is OK, we are all amazing humans, and we do not all resonate with everything. What resonates is felt in our bodies, in our hearts, as our true authentic selves wanting to escape.

And you can allow her to escape (and pretend) too by letting nature to decide.

Are you going through this too?

Trina xx

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