Taking time to reflect and celebrate another year forward

It’s my 41st year. And I thought I’d share what I have been called to do around this time, and that is to reflect.

To reflect on how far I have come in the last year, the last 5 years and certainly the last 10 years.

I reflect ‘objectively’ on the good the bad and the ugly.

Why objectively?

When we look objectively at ourselves, we let go of any emotion surrounding our path and have clear views for our path moving forward.

We are then able to allow the wounded inner child to sit to one side, while the empowered adult takes over.

The wounded inner child has tantrums and cries to get what she wants.

The empowered adult is able to self regulate, accept, forgive, celebrate and move forward.

It is (for me) a time to process that emotion as the wounded child, allow out her voice and gift her the love she is needing.

This can be a time of amplifying celebration through the attitude of gratitude, love, appreciation and equally knowing what needs changing.

In the last 10 years

I have grown in what I do. Such as business, purpose and my relationships. I have learnt that I can make people smile without force ;). I also had a lot of moments that I didn’t appreciate as much then, as I do now.

I believed that I had to please people and work so hard that it impacted my health.

In the last 5 years

That forcing the body to do too many things will result in the breakdown of it. I started asking for better health and I started posting a lot more on social media. I equally was drinking and eating more. It was around this time that I realised I was deceiving myself. I had a rude awakening, stopped drinking began working on my emotional state. I started facing money situations, eating differently through recognising the guilt/shame hidden over doing things for me. I was led to a deep connection with spirit. To which I started taking time out from much of social media and saw my destructive repeating patterns pushed into other areas of my life.

In the last year

While I felt I was happy. I started asking the universe for freedom, life and… happiness. Which I could not understand why. This was a deep inner feeling. At the same time I REALLY started to become aware of my needs and note my feelings unconsciously. And truly got to grips with my wounded inner child by becoming an empowered adult. And when I felt like running way, that I know what practices I need to face things head on. I passed the first year of my degree in health sciences and also realised I could live a good life on less money while identifying that I needed to run my business, not it run me. This led me to taking lots of time out with my children and to detach from my work to reconnect with my loved ones. I realised during this time, I had actually been avoiding life, freedom and… happiness. Instead, I had become psychologically attached to my work as I feared the loss of it, yet equally it was pushing away my family in the process. I felt money would change this fear and it didn’t. However, what I came to realise is that I was fully supported during this time out to reset and have been led an old LOVE of mine, an old pastime to which I share my spiritually connected artwork with you today on my birthday.

Artworks will be available soon

What have I learned and what do I need to celebrate?

  • Learn to say no when needed and yes when felt right
  • Your body is ALWAYS alerting you… pay attention to your cycles, injuries and ailments
  • It is OK to delay on an answer and surrender to the universe
  • Things DO get better when you allow them… such as happiness
  • Mistakes create growth
  • Appreciate every single moment
  • Allow your inner child to cry, gift love and comfort and help her feel safe during this time. The emotions do get better
  • Time out gifts the clarity and focus always
  • Tell the truth
  • Let go of things when go wrong (again allow your inner child the tears and gift of love)
  • Realise you cannot control everything
  • JOURNAL!! This calls out your repeating patterns
  • Learning is an EVERYDAY process and the rewards are immense
  • Empath or sensitive to others emotions? When you understand your emotions, you will see others.
  • Create boundaries but know when you are pushing away
  • You do not need to push as hard as you think… manage your emotions.
  • Time with those close to you is one you cannot get back, make the most of it
  • Do not give up on your quests
  • Make things simple
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Face any situations (including yourself) head on
  • Take your emotions away from health, life and business
  • Grow in the way YOU want
  • Change is inevitable for growth
  • There’s only one you!

There’s a lot there and a lot more that could be said too.

Do you reflect on you? Love to hear your thoughts.

Trina xx

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