I scrub up well… hold on a second!!! I AM beautiful!!

Recently a amazing woman came to me and spoke about her social media.

She had posted some pictures of herself and every comment was amazing.

Her dilemna, while she wanted to reply thank you and that she scrubs up well. She stopped.

I want to say… I know, I can now see it too!

Is that too crass of me??

It is not my place to say.

This is hers, she knows her beauty. So why should she not celebrate it.

Being the show off? Will it offend others who do not feel beautiful in themselves jealous (even though they are all beautiful too) jealous?

Me: To be honest… you can reply as you want. I sense you want to celebrate you.

Client: Yes! It’s taken a long time to feel this way.

I pondered the words mentioned before ‘Scrub up well’… I have said this. Who else?

Scrubbing up well, implies we weren’t worthy in the first place.

This is not to guilt and shame… those two words are working overtime to keep us where we are and not loving ourselves.

For my client, she caught her saying these words and felt, that she was lowering herself to suit others, to blend in. I suppose.

What about if we celebrated?

Answering… Yes, I know.. thank you so much

Or… I truly am!!

How would this make us feel?

We are truly worthy of answering this without the guilt, the shame.

We are not show off’s, we are amazing, beautiful, courageous, one of a kind… us!

Love to hear how you will celebrate your radiant beauty today?

Trina xx

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