I’m a lover of writing

I just LOVE writing

No, I am not trained in writing blogs… I just love to share my write-ups about health feeds life and business.

Health is something I am immensely passionate about and this is one of the ways I articulate myself.

It fills my cup so high, that it just runneth over to you.

And as our collective has moved from a social media platform, this means I have extra free time to indulge in my passions for the arts.

I will admit, I am not grammatically correct, so if you wince about my grammar and spellings. Maybe my blog isn’t for you. And that is OK!

So, I am going to just keep writing, because I stopped over and over and over.

Each time, I fell… I knew I needed to write again

After 10 years… I am now consistent with it too.

Why did it take 10 years?

I had been scared of the judgement

Scared of what people will say.

Deep down, I am terrified I will be vilified for saying the wrong thing.

Yet, after much inner work. I now know this is a lie I tell myself to stop showing up. Because I cannot say the wrong thing to the right people.

This was a VERY deep ancestral root for me. I had always rushed into things, so this time I am doing the opposite. Learning to be patient, understanding and disconnect from thoughts that try and take over instead of repeating the same patterns over and over again.

And here I am, typing out while listening to birds in my garden and just feeling wonderful about this next juicy share to all the blogs worldwide subscribers, to which I am honoured to have following my write ups. Thank you!

For many of us feeling into our purpose through our own body and mind, gifts us the sense of doing what’s right for us. Feeling out the lies we tell ourselves and directing to those things that we had ultimately put off. It is continual. It is a journey. A journey which continues daily, weekly and even hourly basis, so have fun with it. And like everyone, it’s about creating the health, life and works you want.

All of this is within us, waiting to be released. Waiting to be told and held in someone’s hands.

Until then, I just love writing for you (the collective) and for me

What methods do you LOVE when communicating to others?

Trina xx

Ready to rebalance your physicality with mindset and spirituality to create less distraction as you grow in health, life and business. Learn more about the Mind and Body Collective

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