The ultimate truth about listening to your body

I do speak ALOT about listening to body and trusting your body.

However, it’s a lot more than just listening to it. It’s about being aware of what is an old pattern and what’s new.

The body is habitual, meaning that it can be stuck in its own ways compared to movement.

Try giving up your phone and see how many times you will pick it up. It’s used to having certain traits and patterns.

That’s why when you give up the phone, switch off social media or even start intuitive eating to aid your physical and emotional wellbeing there needs to be a degree of learning, patience and some objective fun in creating new behaviour and movement.

I always found as a mind and body coach (with a background in injury prevention) typical physical alignments will get worse or chronic (come back time and time again) when the root cause is ignored. Have you ever not faced money and over time it got worse? This is the same in all areas of life like facing.

And they all appear within the body

This where I come in and help you put your big girl pants on (figuratively) and face the root. Become the empowered adult and literally look at patterns that break down behaviours that hold us back. These are not ‘bad’ bahaviours… however, they are self sabotaging attempts at keep your safe. Yet, at the same time are our helping us. Why? Because without them, we would not know that we were getting in our own way. They help us know that strength is needed to step forward and grow. They are there to help us understand that we are human and sometimes, we need to stop watching everyone else and take that inspired leap forward.

And it is simple

Being aware of this is key

However, it can feel hard, due to programming

A simple tip is to journal effectively. Having a journal will help you establish…

  • The repeating patterns
  • Where it is held in the body
  • When this occurred
  • Note changes in nutrition
  • Seek out emotional imbalances
  • Come to your own conclusions
  • Understand your fears and what’s holding you back
  • And how you can take action and move forward
  • Any attempts you make and where the self sabotage kicks in

The clue is within you

And it is all there when writing a consistent journal.

And the benefits of writing a journal, is that it is free to low cost. It is very easy to do and most of all. It is cathartic. It enables us to process what is going on around us… help our wounded inner child become the empowered adult she was always meant to be.

Trina xx

Sense you need a group of women to hold you accountable, help you move forward and help you become empowered without distraction? The Mind and Body Collective is now open for founding members.

For those who’d prefer to work alone, I offer online bespoke level coaching starting your journey with an introductory intuitive mind and body session

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