Having a hard time with your energy levels? Surrender to your basic needs

I am walking around my house with a fuzz in my head and my throat sore.

I’ve pushed and I’m ready for rest before I burnout. We have to know our limits right?

My kids are asking me to do this and that for them and there’s a big pile of pots to wash and clothes to fold.

It’s not their faults, they have to deal with their emotions, which is a learning for them too.

I cannot even fathom what I need let alone do anything for them.

I am in what I call an energy funk

Sometimes I cannot pinpoint when it happened… and it’s a waste of time even trying to. Other times it can be a healing or an emotional issue.

Yet, I’ve a big urge to go into emergency self care…




Feed myself (if needed)

Sit outside

However, the thing I REALLY need is to have some time alone

This is about looking after my body and allowing it to pass, this isn’t exercising it out. That makes the head funk worse. This is understanding that this can sometimes be from our immune system calling for relaxation and calm. Our body is talking.

This feeling however is transient, it never stays forever. Accessing our basic needs sooner makes sure of that.

It’s not a time to bat them off or suppress them with a happier emotion, because suppression leads to hidden psychological distress and more physical problems such as high blood pressure. Know that this is what it is for now and how dealing with it during this time, allows it to move on faster.

When the universe intervenes

I always say… the universe is trying to help you. And if you know quantum physics, you will know that you create what you see. So when asking questions such as I need rest or space. The answer is already here or it’s on it’s way, yet we may be too busy to see it. There are times when we push through this feeling of having the common cold. Yet, it may get worse and healing time becomes slower.

This is when asking for help and being open to receiving helps massively. Wherever this help comes from.

Yet, the guilt and shame that sometimes crops up is there to permit me from doing so.

So instead of internalising (a guilt and shame based tactic), I held myself open and spoke from my sore throat chakra. The truth.

“I need space”

It’s in these moments when we become vulnerable (a big strength by the way). It’s the lower emotions that permit us from expressing sometimes uncomfortable truths, for fear of what others will say. Or will we look weak. Yet, help comes in the form of people who radiate loving kindness.

Mine was in the form of my wonder friend and yoga teacher Caroline Morris.

“Stay at my home, I am away”

Time for me, just me.

Feeding my basic needs allows me to love more, give more of my energy to others and feel safe.

As I sit here I feel safe, warm, my head is calm, my throat is soothed and my heart is beating.

So, I fill my cup with camomile tea

And now it’s time to switch off my phone for a few days and say goodnight to thee.

To recap, we state what we need, we stay open to possibilities allowing our body to guide us, learn to let go of the guilt to be honest in your communication and take action when help arrives.

If there’s anyone in your life right now you could be honest and ask for help from… who would it be?

Trina xx

Ready to learn more about looking after you while taking action in your business? Read more about the Mind and Body Collective

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