My Toolkit and My Emergency Care Package

Going outside, lay in the sun, walk in the rain, run a bath, time to oneself… are all part of my care package. My basic needs.

And everyone’s package may vary.

It can be extensive and I know mine is certainly longer than what I mentioned above. So, let’s start.

Understanding and articulating our needs I feel aids us to navigate life a lot easier and happier.

It helps use learn to soothe ourselves and bring us back to higher vibration feelings.

Knowing what we need and feeling for it aids us keep our immune system high, repair itself when needed.

There is less time for guilt and shame, both stop us from accessing this lifesaver.

And feeling into our physical cues is key… knowing your cycles, how you run like clockwork will help you decipher when you need and when.

Needing love, may show as a need to be listening to

Needing safety may show itself as cutting everyone off

During our periods and even our hormonal cycle we may find that we want to do everything. Yet, during the day, that first bit of energy gets less and less and less. Our third eye (middle forehead) can be a great indicator of how we feel and if we keep going we start to feel a fuzzy type of pain that leaves us feeling confused.

And sometimes that means we have to just stop fighting and stop. I mean put the work down and take a break. If the break does not work, fully stop. Run a bath, go for a walk, read cards, nap, meditate or sit in silence. Practice your practices. What ever you need to look after you.

If it is not a day to do or get done. Do not physically force it. That’s like dragging a child through a scary forest, it is traumatic. If you are like me, learning to live in flow and learning to accept a heavily processing brain. Then you may find that divine inspiration is waiting for another day. Like now at 9pm. And this feels right for me. One tip, is to make sure your diary is cleared of appointments with others, using any social media if you need to get your income producing work done. Organise your energy around things of most importance to you.

Use it as a time to go within with your toolkit

For me, bits of my toolkit are part of my daily practices, while others are more as and when needed. I have to drop the pity party (that my ego LOVES) and find balance in myself. To genuinely show kindness I want to give to others to me. And this is OK, it is OK to go within. Our narrative will say otherwise… such as… you do not have the time for this.

And I share this blog, because with 3 children. I do this because it is a daily process and I am no way the greatest at it…by a longshot. But, I give it my best go. And yes, sometimes I forget about me and then I am reminded with something happening to my body. Have you ever had this happen to you? Your body reminding you that she needs an energy boost?

When we give our guilt the heavho, this allows us to grab our energy and come back to peak performance. We grow physically, mentally and emotionally by making ourselves a priority. Saying YES to you!

And with what we do for ourselves benefits those around us.

Recouperate, rengenerate, reinvigorating your mind, body and soul

What is your toolkit or emergency care package?

Trina xx

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