The Sweetness of Doing Nothing… Il Dolce Far Niente!! Part 1

Inspired by the film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and the characters trip to Italy. It was in the moment where she experience ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’ Il Dolce Far Neinte! The moment of space, being carefree and just enjoying LIFE!

Have you ever had one of those days where the children are preoccupied? That moment they go to school, play at the park or out with family. The moment where you are not with them 24/7.

Maybe you decide that during this time you binge on Youtube. Or you may go into magpie mode and seek something to do or for an answer to something? Maybe you even want to read? Yet, as you binge you start to sense a rising inner tension.

That life of more time, space and energy… that you have created is slowly slipping away…

Like you just do not want to stop, like you MUST do something. Clean something, fix something or even buy something.

An inner anxiety. Opposite to inner happiness or freedom.

Like you ‘should’ be doing something, filling EVERY SINGLE MINUTE and not allowing yourself to take time out to just sit, relax or even enjoy this time we have been waiting for.

Well, in Italy it is a practice. Il Dolce Far Neinte!


I allow myself to sit and relax

For me, this is where I would fill my time with some kind of work, a distraction from actual time out to rest. Keep my frazzled mind going. I wouldn’t know how to stop.

Maybe you listen to crystal bowls, tarot read, fill up on psychological and physiological knowledge.

Maybe you stay up late and sleep in lots because it feels much needed

Maybe you start to allow yourself to just be

Maybe a side to you comes out that is happier this way

And YET! Nobody understands this side to you because they are still rushing around.

You may even feel you do not fit in, you may feel an anxiety rising to the top… the I shouldn’t be doing this.

I should not be relaxing or having fun

I should clean my home 24/7

I should make sure everything is sorted by myself

Because… what if my business collapses and I loose everything???

And that relaxation or having fun is like your are being some kind of naughty girl for doing so. If I rest, then I am giving up on everything I have worked for. Even though we know deep down we get more done and are more productive when well rested.


Is it time to allow yourself to be and ALLOW your body the TIME to have fun and recoup?

The issues is, we feel we have so many things to do and so little time without asking for help

Recently, I found myself sitting with this exact feeling. I found some time for doing sweet nothing and all I wanted to do was fill the gaps. Yet, my excuse was, if I do not do this then everything will go wrong.

I sat with this feeling, which turned into a small panic… that rose to a….

I FEEL like I’ll lose everything

I FEEL like it’s going wrong

I FEEL like I do not know what to do with this time out

The sudden realisation, that with freedom… comes choice! Is this what I am so afraid of? The not knowing. Fear of what is around the corner.

Not suddenly FILLING my time with ‘STUFF’… a big plethora of stuff too.

And, I keep telling myself… just how HARD and BUSY life is!

We have the choice to do sweet nothing to recharge…

You can quietly sit

You can quietly listen

You can do what your body feels

You can be carefree

The sweetness of doing nothing

Maybe we could think of 1001 things that need doing NOW

Doing sweet nothing and being nothing allows for the answers to this, it brings an air of patience, an air of play. The perfect recipe for manifesting.

It’s a learning and we are all learning

For any feelings that arise in the joyfulness of doing sweet nothing… pause to feel rather than question

Let go and allow

Be loved, truly loved

And surrender to the wonder of

Il Dolce Far Neinte

Have you ever experienced the sweetness of doing nothing? Or do you fill your time? Is it time to enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing?

Trina xx

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3 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing… Il Dolce Far Niente!! Part 1

  1. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Rhona! I have just seen your comment after getting to grips with blogging. You are most welcome! I am super excited that this has helped you! Have you read part 2?


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