How do you know you are on the right path?

Have you ever questionned whether you are on the right path?

I know I have.

It is when I do not know what is around the corner.

Yet, you are doing all the right things

You are being consistent with what you love

You are taking action with speed where needed

You are jumping at the chance to get things done

For you, it may seem like…you KNOW it’s coming. Yet you just do not know when and we are constantly looking for a sign. And the universe be like…

It is true! The universe is giving you all the signs… the 111’s, 555’s, the spirit animals, the conversations, the billboards, the songs with meaning and you’ve even seen it in your meditations… the universe is showing you EVERYTHING

Do you feel like you need one more sign? 😉

I know I go through this too, hence I am writing it.

However, one practice that I have had to learn and be consistent with is… patience. Things haven’t fallen quite into the place yet, that when it does happen you will be all set and know that all this right now HAD to happen for this to come to you.

Yes, it could be a slow burner. Things may not happen EXACTLY to plan… surrender

With the whisper of words ‘Hang in there’

Do NOT give up, as tempting as this time is!

There are MANY of us lightworkers building our skills, making new friends and getting to grips with who we are. And it has probably been a real tough 4 years or more, however you will share simpler ways to aid others in navigating the stickiness of the world with ease.

You are strong enough. Keep bringing in the money with other jobs. Keep connecting with people and building your presence. Keep showing up and being true to your truth (even if your truth triggers)

THIS is ALL you can do

Be true to your TRUTH

How do you know your truth? Deepen your connection with your intuition and what things shift quicker for you.

Divine timing

And you are NOT waiting, because waiting sounds like you are doing NOTHING. Waiting sounds like you are being lazy and going backwards.

No. You are not waiting.. you are moving…

If you are checking the stats and making changes… you are moving

If you are extending your contacts and asking for help… you are moving

If you are growing your niche… you are moving

If you are asking people to join you… you are moving

If you are showing up on video, writing and just getting your message out there… you are moving

If the universe is providing for you to make sure this goes ahead while you upgrade with rest! You are moving

Heck, if you are meditating because you have been asked to for your calling to come in! YOU ARE MOVING!

Stop listening to people who do not understand the universal rule of divine timing

You ‘waiting’ for your baby to light up the world.

Trina xx

Love to work with me? There are 3 ways… through 1-1 Coaching apply here, through my online academy (more courses coming soon) and writing for your business DM here

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