Is it time to celebrate you?

I feel I have learned this the hard way… to celebrate me.

Even when no one else is around.

That we are hiding our achievements. Much of my work is very personal much is trauma releasing, so a lot of it I cannot shout from the rooftops.

When someone reconnects with their physicality and releases what is holding I cannot help feel that is the most powerful moment in my work. Even better is when that still on themselves in this way, their intuition is more open than it has ever been.

Even when members of the collective get things done, show up for themselves and share their celebrations, I always have the biggest smile.

However, you may feel the need to celebrate and it has been itching to get out of you. To maybe shout about building a website, growing more of a community, writing, painting, passing courses and starting a new study maybe

For me, I am celebrating all those things, including passing my reiki 1 and my google business reach hit 3.8k in the last two weeks after taking a big punt on me to let go lessen my social media presence.

My journey to mind and body coach, writer and artist is a big one for me. It has stretched my emotions, my mind and my physical strength. So much so, I have to keep up my strength and happiness.

Trusting in intuitive journaling prompts, my intuition said for the last few years (or more)… you need to blog Trina. And the not knowing how this will go. In the end I finally relented, I started with a blog a week. Then I was guided to look at the figures and increase to two followed by finally the words came… ‘You need to add key words and tags.’ Ok intuition! 3.8k google business viewers. A welcome surprise in reach.

Google my name Trina Kavanagh and I am now on the first page.

I know blogging is a slow burner, however this is my slow burner. Done my way, my inspiration, no one else’s. Free from the algorithms of social media, my words, my passions.

So, what next?


If you feel no one is around to celebrate with you right now, then it is important that we celebrate ourselves and learn that no one is going to be there all the time to celebrate the big and even smaller wins such as the extra reach, the sun shining, waking up alive, keeping the kids alive, or even just breathing!

I will celebrate you too!

Why do we celebrate ourselves when no one else is around?

If we do not that (like me) we learn the hard way by feeling we have no one, sinking into depths of loneliness. Instead of booking a day out, giving ourselves a day off, treating you and only you! This builds confidence, raises self esteem and enables us to know ourselves. Want the praise? Is it time to be your own cheerleader and cheer you on? It is a true motivator to get things done too.

How do we celebrate by ourselves? Here are 3 ways to get you shimmy on 😉

  1. Date yourself – take yourself for a lush meal or trip to the cinema
  2. Have a self care night – movies, luxurious bubble bath, beautiful meal for one, have a card read by candle light
  3. Buy yourself some flowers – nothing says ‘I love you’ like buying yourself the flowers and arranging them in a fav vase

BONUS TIP: Celebrate often… in fact daily! It doesn’t have to cost neither. Celebrating daily will up that law of attraction prowess we all have and have more people gravitating to your sun shine light.

What are the ways you celebrate when no one else is around to do so?

Trina xx

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