Saying NO to social media time is hard, seriously lonely at times and YET most mentally rewarding

I get a lot of people questioning me…

What?? You do not use social media???

Followed by… But, how do you run a business/make money?

And then… How do you connect with people?

And after… You post all the time

Ending with… But, everyone is there

We become inquisitive, so I wanted to share a little more about what it is like being away from social media.

To be honest…

Sometimes, I feel I am the odd one out. However, I know I am not… my husband seldom uses it too

How do I make money?

I do other jobs while my coaching and artistry work is growing.

How do I connect with people?

I network with people, I also blog, vlog, create art, build websites for people and have other jobs. Jobs I was putting off. I do this because I believe in my work so much that I am prepared to do the things I like doing to earn money while growing.

You post all the time

I write and my virtual assistant schedules them… Why? So I can… spread the word of my work while producing and doing



Degree study




The things that I said were TOO MUCH, I am taking them on and up levelling. The time had to come from somewhere and I am finding a new flow in the way I tackle and get things done.

And finally… But, everyone is there…

Not entirely true, not everyone is on social media. More are either coming away or changing the way they use it so that are able to get more things done.

A few years ago I spent 18 hours a day on social media, I got VERY little sleep and I drank heavily. I took my phone to meals, meetings and toilet trips. However, this has reduced drastically. I cannot say I was obsessed. I was probably more addicted. No way did I ever feel at that time that I could get by being on it way less. Yet, I am learning to do so.

It is not the easiest job for me, yet, it is very simple. I just do not turn it on, nor do I have the apps on my phone while Eds (my virtual assistant) schedules my posts.

Does this mean you are not contactable??

I am very contactable and approachable! Here! This is me! Writing this! No one writes my posts, my blogs or films the vlogs. That is ALL ME! Reach out and chat 🙂

Do I get lonely?

We all do, yet that is not a reason to go backwards. I have learned to love being alone and get to grips with being lonely, while still maintaining close connections with everyone. However, I have met new people who share the same views me.

I dare to be different… well not quite.

There are many people out there who use social media in the same way as me, it’s just nice to be just me and free. Social media is a great tool and a place I have presence. Yet I am not on it all the time.

What are other ways to create connection with others?

A good old text, email comms, getting on the blower (telephone) or face to face.

What has switching off more helped me do?

  • Understand and work with my fears
  • Create my own businesses (and grow that of others)
  • Help people with a open heart
  • Study better and keep up
  • Be with my family more
  • Live a happier life, less drama
  • Look after my health
  • Process my thoughts
  • Manifest such amazing things, such as more time out, days out… the list is endless

I have never been so happy and I am noticing just how fortunate life is while finally creating and doing the things that I want for me and my family.

Has it been hard?

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t. Psychologically, my narrative wants me to feel scared and fearful by trying to remind that everyone is there so I must feel left out. This to me is an illusion. Something I work on everyday by looking after my energies.

A deeper connection with mySELF

I have never been so connected to this collective energy, the land around me, to myself and reminded I am connected to others.

I am the creator of my life

Trina xx

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