Enriching your UPLEVEL with movement

I saw myself recently not only working on my body through my developing Reiki practice, yet – through physical movement.

Using simple yet effective mobility stretches I allow myself to release residual trauma, talking out my aches and feeling their ease. These are pains that have built up in our hips, neck, back, chest, stomach and so on. Any uplevel or stretch comes with a feeling of possibly doing too much as well as some anxiety. Besides the scariness of it, there is a level of excitement that can be mistaken for fear.. mainly because both produce the same feelings.

With 11 years of experience in movement and injury rehab, my movement (and talking) work is now a kind of therapy for those female career professionals and businesswomen who find it difficult to have fun, happiness and time out in life, while growing.

There’s doing too much of the things that are not in alignment, there are even adding so many extra things to your aligned work and then there’s just worrying about the whole situation. And worry itself burns energy and slows the immune system. Any uplevel or upgrade comes with a stretch. Stretching your mindset to cope with the growth. Because with growth comes the narratives to make you turn back in the opposite direction or overcome to move forward.

Meaning – A hell of a lot of self-love is needed.

Many of the areas of the body communicate, in fact, they all do in my experience. Here are a few I (and my clients) have experienced during any uplevel, especially this one.

I like to make this simple because I could go into a lot of detail and I do not want to confuse you.

I will also take you through my process and mention some body parts as a way for you to get started, I will also give you an idea of what was going on in that life at that time. Whatever is going on in the body, is happening in life according to my client’s when connecting with their body and mind.

This always leads me to this question…

When something occurs in your body, what is happening in your life at that moment?

In terms of the body… I like to think of the body reading like many metaphors.

Weight of the world on your shoulders, signify’s the pressure we put on ourselves through others ideals.

Pain in the butt, meaning who is a pain in your butt or a thorn in your side.

I then like to look a little deeper… I am going to share a few of my past work. Remember, this is my personal information and I am not a medical professional, see someone for advice if you need to.

Lower back

This means we feel in need of support or that we feel there’s not enough support. Do you need to ask for help? Look at any underlying fears that are stopping you from supporting yourself too. Take your power back to stand straight and tall. From a movement point of view, it’s a great time to stretch the hips, strengthen the back and glutes. The hips are connected to the back muscles. So looking into all areas is key. Again learn to be aware of the emotions that are rising within you. Is it time to talk them out your emotions?


The chest becomes tighter when we feel stressed. We may feel a rise in tension leading to feeling constricted inside and out. Within the chakras, it is our place of deserving. When you are in a state of stress, do you feel like you deserve more? Stretch this area by opening out the arms and chest, breath or even shouting out what you want to say helps massively. Make sure the shoulders are released too, roll them back beforehand. Be conscious of how the abdominals are working too, strong abdominals will help with posture in this area.


I remember a conversation with a great physio, we spoke about when we injure we are not thinking about where we are going. We are not in touch with how our foot is going to land when we step off the curb. A state of either ungroundedness or in need of being present with ourselves. Ankles are about moving forward. Have you hurt your ankle? I too remember when my ankle kept twisting before the launch of the collective, it happened to be that what I was doing was not resonating, I was going too fast and ignoring the cues. Ask yourself, am I going too fast? Which aspect of what I am doing now resonates with me? Do you need to slow down, speak it out and have patience in creating the life you want?


What do you want to say? Even better, how do you want to articulate it? The one thing I ask many clients is to talk out their complaints. In their words, not sugar-coated and fluffy. Say it how you intend to say it, it’s amazing how the throat eases or any tight feelings move. Anxiety appears here too. Make sure your water intake is increased for chakra healing. SING!!! Play karaoke!! Have fun with music too!


For me and many of my clients, it is the seat of our traumas. There are many memories that are hidden here. For some of my clients, they weren’t ready to come out until our sessions together. Past recollections, heritage, ancestry. You do not need to see them or revisit them again over and over again. However, being open and knowing the root cause aids in working through them. Always carry on with your life until you are ready for it to come out. Movement wise, hips stretching, leg stretching, glute strengthening through activation. No squats, because the glutes usually need waking up first. If glutes are sleeping, the hips or other areas need balancing.

What does a release feel like?

A release can be different things to different people. It can range from yawning and burping to crying or fits of laughter. Word has an energetic release. It can just bubble up to the surface. Sometimes the first thing we want to do is suppress it and apologise, yet it is OK to release emotion. It is all a part of healing, healing never has to be forced and it does get better. Have fun and enjoy life! You will start to realise that it will pass in its own time. A release like this can be transient. Meaning it ebbs and flows.

Trina xx

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