6 reasons why physical activity may benefit you from a psychological perspective

If you are READY and serious about looking your health square in the eyes, then this short blog is for you.

One thing I notice is that some diet and exercise programs do not take into account the psychological or spiritual aspects that occur within us as humans.

It may not be a case of moving more eating less.

For some female clients, there may be some residual trauma that is getting in the way of them either getting up to exercise or needing to let go of addictive patterns with overexercising.

It is always important that my clients tune into themselves. That they feel into what is right for them.


Are you an all or nothing when it comes to health? Let’s split this into 3 categories

ALL – You are going for it daily, always on a high alert and burnout often. There is ZERO time for rest and you may exercise for hours on end. More for stress release than pleasure.

NOTHING – You do not want to do anything. It may feel as if work needs to come first and it does. Yet you may feel a sense of needing to look after yourself a little more and know from past fitness work that health makes life and business flow better.

ALL or NOTHING – In this space, you cycle between exercise and nothing. There may be some movement between January and March then nothing until nearer to the August holiday. When exercise takes place, it is full of gusto then the passion wears off.

There’s always a trigger in each situation… have you read my blog regarding triggering?

The trigger can be anything from not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, a deep association with pleasing others by over-exercising, addictive behaviours fall into this too.

Recognising the patterns and triggers

I personally believe that writing a journal is a great way of sourcing out our mindset patterns and triggers, learning to become aware of them objectively. If you find this difficult then maybe the therapy or seeking the most suitable process for you.

For those of you that understand your narratives, how your mind works and your triggers. You may find that journalling will gift some great insights into how we can hold ourselves back.

That’s what triggers are there to do, they happen to keep us safe, safe from the harm of lions and tigers. They can feel like a real physical threat. Yet, they are to keep us safe. I am not saying they do not have their place. They do!

What will journaling do?

Journaling allows us to document our thoughts and patterns as they occur. We can come to our own answers. Answer that we are able to go back to.

Why would you come and see me?

You are ready to take some form of action in health, life and business. And you know that each is interlinked. Non are separate from the other. Whatever is happening with your health, is directly linked to your life and business.

And this is why I do not work with everyone

I mainly work with career professionals and entrepreneurial women who are on a spiritual path and are ready to reconnect their physicality with mindset and spirituality.

Women who are READY to approach their health in the same way they approach their work and business. With the utmost confidence and consistency.

Doing the activity you LOVE

Doing the activity YOU LOVE is of utmost importance

I can tell you what to do with your exercise and diet, however, this may not work for you deep down. Your body may by crying for something else, something different. Let it speak.

When you work with me, I personally believe that you need to come to your own conclusions. Is it time to deepen your intuition and learn to trust you have the answers?

What you may find with activity, is that the MORE you LOVE it. The longer you will stick at it. Especially, when starting out. It doesn’t have to be made hard. You may find that it’s not about the struggle but instead for the JOY of it.

The more you enjoy it, the more the benefits are felt…

Short term – smiles

Medium-term – better sleep and productivity

Long term – stronger bones, immune system, confidence and physical strength

The key is consistency. However, do not believe that consistency means all day every day. It is about cutting yourself some slack, being open to mistakes and enjoying the process.

Did you know?

That the smallest amount of activity (no matter how small) boosts the chemicals within the body can brighten your mood which raises the vibration to filter into our clients.

6 Reasons why physical activity may benefit you

1. Release feel-good brain chemicals… endorphins, serotonin to name a couple.

2. Boost your immune system and keep it working for you. When overexercising you may find the immune system needs boosting with rest.

3. Increase body temperature, which can have calming effect on the body

4. Help you deal with the stickier parts of your journey. Physical activity can be not only a distraction with the right type of exercise, it can also help with the release of emotions when needed.

5. Grow in confidence within health, life and business. By creating that focus and clarity that connects to heighten productivity and self-awareness.

6. Obtain inner strength with physical activities such as walking, swimming, cycling and even weights are known for being mentally alert, and even tune YOU into YOU.

Trina xx

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