How to FEEL into your eating patterns

Do you ever listen to what your body is saying with it comes to food?

I didn’t, it wasn’t until I started journaling that I realised just how much there was to actually learn about who I am and how my diet had a deep connection to not only my work but my relationships.

Having worked in the health industry for over 10 years, I always thought that I must control what I ate by counting something. And while this is somewhat true for some people. This wasn’t the case for me.

It became an obsessive task and deep down I was not happy

It wasn’t until I started journaling my own journey and studying more into the psychology of eating that I ate more and sometimes less when I was in one of these states.

  • Boredom
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Anixety
  • Depression
  • Stress

And many other emotions.

Much of our eating patterns can be wrapped up in our behaviours which can be set off from our triggers. Triggers such as having an argument with someone.

If you haven’t read my ultimate guide to triggers blog, read this first before continuing.

Not only do our behaviours affect our eating patterns, so can the time of the month, especially any hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can also trigger behaviours too.

This is where eating more intuitively comes in. The more you listen and become aware of your body you may notice some patterns emerging in terms of mood vs. where you are in your cycle.

And this is NOT about losing weight.

This is identifying what we are holding onto and allowing ourselves to FEEL the emotions.

My main work is with career professionals and entrepreneurial women who already know about their narratives and have already felt into their emotions. It is OK if my work is not for you. I know a plethora of amazing coaches and therapists who can help you where you are now.

Because sometimes the emotion we are hiding from is our growth and our movement forward.

Helping you shine an even brighter light that is within yourself.

Charting your cyclelunar, menstrual, hormonal and beyond

Is it time to notice your mood and food cravings during these times? How do you feel on a month to month/week to week basis? Are certain limiting beliefs cropping up often for you?

When the body is in need of more energy due to fatigue we may find that these limiting belief patterns set in. Even though your body knows deep down you are good enough. Keeping track of your monthly moods helps you identify the BEST energy moments that then feed into your business or working routines.

This means, taking is easier at certain periods of the month or using your vibrant energy days to speak to new and old connections.

How do you FEEL into your eating patterns?

Firstly, create a journal. I’d say dictaphone your messages however, I found that it isn’t the easiest practice to look back on. Whereas in my personal opinion, I find that writing helps massively. Writing is cathartic… it brings awareness, it gets what we want to say out and even helps us come to our own conclusions or answers.

Secondly, within the journal, I would create a mood and food element. Where we simply track what we ate, how we felt (inside and out) during the day and how we slept at night.

Thirdly, I would add a dated element. So we can see when in the month/year or even weeks we feel a certain type of emotion. Or whether we are more prone to certain triggers at certain times of the month. In this area, I would chart my monthly cycle, whether that was lunar/menstrual or hormonal.

There are other elements in my journal, such as appreciation/gratitude is a MUST. However, these are the basics for feeling your eating patterns.

Create a connection with you

Writing is just the start of it. Learning to create a connection within you. Tune YOU into YOU.

That is the important bit.

Never be afraid to review, look at the dates. See any repeating patterns, be aware of them, acknowledge and accept they exist.

Sit with yourself in silence, find a restorative exercise class or 1-1 practice to help you FEEL into your deeper feelings and emotions. Notice how they FEEL as they arise.

This is NOT to force healing, Healing need never be forced.

It is a way to take responsibility and build a level of unshakeable and breakable self-awareness.

When you work with me

You can do this alone or decide to work alongside someone like me.

Why hire someone like me?

And I have done all the above and continue to do so lovingly

I can help you succeed with patience and calm

You will learn to bring more JOY into your life and the life of others

Healthily navigate articulating your needs in all relationships

Teach you to develop a relationship so deep within you that no one can penetrate it.

And really set in stone that you are even BETTER you think you are.

Accepting applications right now for January 2022 (closing date December 3rd)

If you find my blogs insightful and you are READY to make changes to your health to grow your business and transform your relationships.

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You are ready to make deep inner changes within you

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A quick glimpse of the client experience

Our sessions are either in person (in Nottingham) or online and provide a mix of calming reiki, letting go with the movement and opening our spiritual mindset. I am here to understand and not judge in our tailormade sessions.

It is a lifelong solution to help you take action in all areas of your life, with results that are lovingly transferable to your clients.

I am here to help you understand that you are not stuck, you never were and that there is always a supportive pathway to heightened self-confidence within all your endeavours.

What next?

Ask yourself in one word… What do I need?

Watch how I learned one of my eating patterns were behind my fear of failing

Trina xx

Feel you need a deeper connection, inner calm and confidence in you? Check out my services page

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