One way to give yourself space

Many people may find this quite controversial, however, when my body speaks… it shouts, loud.

It can shout so loud (the feeling of frustration) that sometimes we have to listen

If we do not listen… these feelings of anger, frustration and very much of the sense of… ‘why did I just do that??’ linger and can grow into resentment

For many of us, we know WHY we do it

I know from my own personal perspective that if we do not do these things, we will lose customers. We will lose people.

This can feed into a sense of abandonment and rejection and both hurt like crazy.

If you are like me… you may continue to people please rather than action on the promises made to yourself.

For me, I feel I have people pleased by swapping energies with others for time on my studies and my projects.

This meant I have become ‘time depleted.’

I want to work through and get things done with my degree, my actual work or spend time with my friends and children.

Am I still open to receiving?

Ultimately I have been questioning is whether I am open to receiving because we must always say yes. Saying yes gets us everywhere. However, if saying yes all the time is seeing you taken away from higher vibration feelings and physical energy highs. Then we have to find another way. By trusting in ourselves and learning to say no a little too. Saying no, helps us create more space in our lives to fulfil the promises made to ourselves and for other things to drop in. It equally protects our energy in the process.

For me, I am learning to say YES and NO when it is needed.

It is trial and error… but more so, what is my body saying during each process.

Having FOMO?

The fear of missing out is major! What if I miss out? What if my intuition is wrong?

You intuition is rarely wrong and what if you are being redirected to something BIGGER.

I had this conversation with a collective client recently, we both discussed freely about not missing out. Yet, going with our gut feeling and having honest conversations with people. She actioned this, as did I. We were BOTH redirected, our intuitive knowledge and inner guidance is always right! Those paths were not meant to be. We were both directed for BIGGER.

Being honest with yourself and others and voice noting

I use an awful lot of voice notes, many people would like to chat in person and I do love connecting. The space for connecting is the time spent studying. Otherwise, I am up at night screaming how crap I am at doing this, the fear and anxiety rises too. So, rather than that. I am being honest with myself and you! To reduce the fear inside, I have to be honest with my diary. This is the time I have for me, the time I have for family, the time I have for work, the time I have for my studies and the time I have for my friendships. Hence, I send personal voice notes, whenever I am available. I find this works for me immensely to be in touch. Yet, focusing on life, work and study.

Fear of rejection

The fear of rejection is VERY real, the pain we feel when losing someone or something is physically felt. Sometimes we can dodge this pain by over pleasing by showing up ALL the time. Then (if you are like me) complain that we are tired. Yet, we still keep going, still keep doing… and when does it stop? At burn out, illness and beyond. This is NOT to feel guilty, it is to objectively look at the patterns and what the patterns lead to. Which can sometimes be much more time out.

Do you relish in getting things done?

I LOVE getting things done! There is nothing more empowering when I have in my work on time or pass a test. I actually enjoy it. I enjoy actioning my work, I love showing up for myself and my kids with bags of energy. I LOVE it!

Do you too?


As you can see from reading this. The feeling of not getting things sorted and fulfilling the promises made to ourselves vs. the niggly growth actions taken and feeling great for doing so are feelings of intuitive guidance.

Not taking action feelings can range from a tight throat, burning heart, tight chest wall, inflamed stomach and so on.

Getting done can feel like, the weight of the world off your shoulders, calm, empowering, strength, relief

Creating boundaries that benefit you

When it is just you in your business. You have to make decisions that benefit YOU. Not anyone else but you! I am here to say you do not have to miss out on life with your family, but you do have to make decisions to let go of other things that take up the diary. You can say no, you can be direct in your messaging. It is OK to look after YOU because your immune system will let you know if anything is over done or not.

How do you get to know me now, if there’s no FREE call with me?

Easy! There is plenty of information you need to make an informed decision to connect and work with me. This can be via this website, my blogs, vlogs, about me pages and free training (coming soon)

You can also easily reach out in the comment section below if you need any guidance. And any inspirations can be provided with links to videos and write-ups that are here to help you move forward.

Then when you are truly READY, you can gain access to my paid services including 1-1 introductory coaching calls, by applying through the relevant links below.

And finally…

Please understand that I understand when you need space. That is ok!

If you need time for you, take it and be unapologetic in your approach about it.

Trina xx

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