Happiness guilt? A contrast in feelings…

Have you ever felt guilt over being happy?

Guilt over being strong and feisty?

Guilt over being able to do things other do not want to do or try?

Guilt over being open?

Guilt over going out and having a cheeky drink, a cheeky snack?

Guilt over being you?

Guilt over smiling?

Guilt for celebrating?

The words ‘don’t brag’, ‘show off’, ‘your so vain’ affected life from childhood. Maybe you dimmed my light, got off your high horse and played safe. Listened to others opinions of what you ‘should’ be saying or doing.

It is OK to be all of these, it is OK to be you. It is Ok to feel the guilt, and when you can… recognise contrasting feelings of guilt. Because 90% (if not more) of our day can be positive, yet the other 10 or so % may be an incy bit different.

Not everything or everything is positive.

And facing these contrasting moments are what helps us see (and appreciate) that we are emotional human beings.

Are you positive? And do you know better days are coming, if not here already? Maybe you can manifest the most amazing things. And you show up daily for life, for your body and your business.

I have a confession I am a healing people pleaser… yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir who found her energy by saying ‘no’. It is OK! I am also a girl who says YES when she gets the nudge.

I am learning to live the life I have dreamt which is attracting others in, I am learning to speak my truth, really honing in on my craft…. most importantly showing up no matter what anyone thinks.

This can mean overcoming the guilt, the fear of being seen, not believing in self, dumbing self down…. we ARE amazing and our work speaks for itself.

Yes, you have contrasting days but you WILL have happy days

Yes, may run up a field and scream your heart out and you will have calmer moments

Yes, you may overthink it and you may feel at ease in your steps

Yes, you may feel people are going to attack you and yet you know you are loved

Yes, you may have shiny object syndrome and sometimes you will be discerning with your choices

Yes, you may complain and moan, yet you realise just how much love and gratitude there is in your life.

Is it time to accept the contrasts?

Never mistake the contrasts as a weakness and it will stop you from stepping up.

But, what is it teaching you?

Every time you overcome the contrast, every time you face it and call it out. Give gratitude.

This is aiding even myself to find strength… physically and emotionally, through relationships and cultivated by others, attract the right people and create opportunities

Your plans are waiting for you, waiting to come to fruition

You can think straight. You can release the overwhelm and frustration. You can release the pressure from your neck and shoulders or even let go of the extra snacking due to fear.

I’m grateful to all the people who told me to get down off my high horse. Thank them and step back up. Why? Overcoming this is helping you do what you need to do.

SHOUT your celebrations!

There’s nothing WRONG with you. Everything that’s stopping you from moving forward, showing up for your work consistently or in person for your work, not believing in yourself, limiting beliefs, to be seen as you are is just all part of being human. People will comment. Keep going. People won’t like it, but you keep going. However, others will. Your people will.

It’s about being honest with yourself and yes, this stuff plays out in your body.

Where do you feel these written words in your body?

You do not need fixing, but maybe you need a little help moving forward in business, body and mindset so the right people seek you. Because you will know exactly what you and your body want deep down.

Now I am not going to lie, working with me is a choice. And if by choice you feel you need me, then apply below.

Trina xx

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