Do you or Don’t you be YOU?

Do I be me?

I mean REALLY me?

Being ourselves is our birthright

Have you pleased others? Maybe you skirted around your own truths.

Because the truth isn’t always pretty

It doesn’t always look like unicorns and rainbows

However, the undertone can be loving

No longer do we ignore our truth

No longer do we run away from it

Instead, we face

Instead, we embrace the truth

The truth in ourselves

How do we find our truth?

Take ourselves away, sit with ourselves, tune you into you. Be objective with what others have told us, silence any media, then clear your energy (most important) and listen. What do you want? What makes you passionate? What is your truth?

Because we have a choice, a choice to tell the truth… our truth.

For some time I have felt scared to express myself and my thoughts, instead, we learn to suppress through fear of being attacked. However, this becomes a supression of energy and a supression of energy (hidden psychological stress) can turn into many physical ailments.

And yes, this affected me too

Yet… is it time to remind ourselves to

that we are safe?

that we have amazing family, friends and people around us?

that we can switch off our phones and integrate with our lives?

that we can let go of what’s eating at us and return to a state of joy?

that we can turn to gratitude and appreciation?

It is in those reminders that allow us to grow, it is with the right people and connections do we allow our truth out.

To recap – clear your energy, switch off the noise, tune you into you, own your truth and cultivate your basic needs by being with those that love you.

Enjoy this weeks video

Much love

Trina xx

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