Hard to stop doing? When the universe makes the decision for you

I have released this blog again today after giving it a little update.

Is it hard to stop?

It has been hard for me to stop in the past. I’ve been a shirker (not entirely), a worker and now a lover of it all.

I’ve pushed a little harder this year… rested more than ever.

In the past I’d work through fevers, miscarriages, muscular tears, flu and so on. However, I’d always run up with a smile. No one knew. Not everything you know about me is on the internet.

Things have changed. No longer can I do this, because my body cannot sustain it.

I pushed because we needed MONEY. It was the be all and end all, over my health, my children… everything. And my children started to do exactly the same.

I now know that I am supported…

Feeling a calling to pause a few things until 2022.

As I pondered on this feeling

1. What will everyone think?

2. What do we do for money?

3. When will my energy be in full flow?

Here come the old beliefs, old patterns, old ways of thinking. Wanting to make people happy so they will not reject me, like in the past.

These are passing feelings. Not all consuming like years ago. I do have the tools to work through it all.

YET, I just couldn’t make the decision, I allowed my MIND to OVERTHINK things because everything is flowing so well.

It was time to ask the universe and let it decide for me…

Letting the universe decide

I knew I’d like to take a little time out over December, but because things are flowing this time. I didn’t want to let go of it. This is usually a good time to ask the universe to decide.

It is not hard neither. We ask for a clear answer to our question.

‘Dear universe, assist me with a clear answer to… (insert what you need an answer to) within 24 hours, I am truly grateful, thank you

It needs to be clear, specific and have a timescale.

I asked my question a few days ago and got my answer.

For me, my answer has come in the fact I need to rest. Fully bed rest with a virus. This answer is loud on clear.

We never seem to have time for illness, however, illness always has time for us. Another blog will come around overthinking and the immune system.

However, in less than 24 hours, I had a virus that meant I had to cancel all my work and look after my physical needs. We are also being financially supported too.

Allowing yourself to pause

For me, taking complete bed rest and allowing my body to feel is NOT taking a step back. It is allowing myself to pause and just be.

Pausing also means giving yourself space to do other things when ready.

All this while my immune system gets stronger with a new set of antibodies that will protect me in the years moving forward. I am so grateful for the body I have because she is gracefully working her way through. She is intently listening to her needs, whether it is vital nutrients in herbs and spices, fresh fruit and vegetables. I have never felt so close to her. As much as I’d like to eat pizza, she nudges me and says… please stop listening to your mind and trust me, not yet. Get some fruit, make your own teas with cloves/orange peel and herbs and stretch your body when you have pains from fever it will feel great. I put my trust in her hands and she has not let me down. We are stronger together because of it.

One BIG reflection I will take into 2022

To cut me some slack… mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

And give my mind some space and a breather in my case. As much as I am getting on top of it, I have been an obsessive thinker. I will admit, it is taking a little time and patience to work through my mind-chatter. Yet, I celebrate the fact that I can allow the universe to decide when my mind kicks in and listen to my nutritional needs because years ago I’d have fought with it because I felt my mind knew better. Now, I trust my inner sanctum so much more.

I am so grateful

Have you ever given yourself time off when needed? Or, did you ask the universe to decide for you?

Trina xx

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