The Gods honest TRUTH! Working on yourself feels like a full-time job. Yet… it’s STILL rewarding

I hope saying this has not put you off working on you.

Because working on you is the definitely the most rewarding thing you can do. Seriously, it is.

Yet, sometimes it can feel like a full time job.

We may have rituals, or we may be living in nothingness (being nothing/no one), we may just allow ourselves to be happy, or we are VERY aware of our own emotions and that of others. No wonder we NEED rest. No wonder our BASIC NEEDS need to be checked on and tendered to daily. Because without our self-care routine we are at the mercy of our own thoughts.

Some days we may feel anxious and low

Yes, anxious and low.

Have you ever noticed your emotions? They are like waves, they come and go.

Do you recognise this? When our emotions rise up to the forefront, some of them come and it can feel like an eternity yet can disappear within 10 minutes. They are transient, they never last forever when we allow them to pass through.


In my own life sometimes certain emotions rise just before my period and even more so during my period.

Why? My body needs more energy and her nutritional needs balance. Otherwise, her energy stores become depleted. This has been known to cause my moods to deepen.

FULL rest and write

Good nutritional balance, permission to rest and writing (for me) help my mood lift.

There is something so cathartic about writing. About allowing our emotions and thoughts to be voiced. There is something powerful, especially when we come to an answer and even if tears flow.

The release allows us to let go, and for me, it is a great way to come back to life.

However, it is important that adequate rest is taken, this allows the body to regenerate and rejuvenate itself.

This rest feels so much different to taking a few hours out, still doing things, sorting things out, planning, creating.

Gratitude and mood

We can’t be happy all the time, but we can be happy 90% of it.

Moods change! They are transient. We may be triggered by past memories… grieving for what was or panicking about the future and whats around the corner.

I am always (at this moment) having to be on my toes with it. And yes, that is pretty annoying! Not to mention, that I have found is incredibly difficult to accept my spiritual route.

But, again… it’s rewarding!

I feel the difficulty is my brain tells me that I need destructive behaviour patterns…

My brain tells me…

Give up on this stuff, it’s too hard

Keep working even though your body needs rest, do not pause

Things went wrong, so what is the point. Life was better before this. Easier

However, what I REALLY need to tap into…. is gratitude for how far I have come and stop looking at past moments in my life with rose tinted spectacles.

Those moments led to now and there is no going back.

Have you ever had this too?

Living in the present moment

Learning to live in this moment, is simple. Yet, it may take some of us a little time and that is OK. Practices such as mindfulness, sitting in silence, breathwork all help.

And noticing, really noticing. Moments and things.

Such as the robin red breast out the window or the blackbird looking in.

In these moments, there are no problems, upsets, broken promises.

There is only hope and happiness

Letting go in the present moment

As we come up to a powerful solar eclipse we may feel that it is now time to let go of things that we no longer need in our lives. Being in the present moment can really help with this. We can look at areas of our lives objectively and see if we still need certain things. Use the calmness of the present as an advantage during this time.

If we really strip our lives back right. Which bits would we take with us as we move forward in 2022?

What will we let go of now is going to give us space for new energy to hop in.

Enjoying the journey

No one said it was easy. Yet, the change in ourselves can be transformational. Many of us never ask for this life, even though this life finds us.

In between the hours spent crying, facing fears, looking into the darkness of our souls. Are the moments of enlightenment, beauty in each day and healing that takes place.

Wherever you are on your journey right now, I see your light, shining bright. We are in this together.

Trina xx

Love to work with me, check out my services here


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