Improving my skin and physcial conditions?

Recently, my body has been clearing out toxic patterns and people. I just stopped putting up with their stuff. This means many people have disappeared from my life. People seem to dodge me and only positive ones end up in my space.

My body started to release the irritations in the form of a hormonal period spot. Just before my period in fact. Yet this developed into more spots over the course of a few weeks and was painful too. I do not get spots often and yet the warning signs were there.

My hips and lower back started to act up too.

My protocol scientific and spiritual

Here’s how I deal with my body…

Food and diet – this is NOT about crash dieting. NOPE. This is about supporting the immune system. The gut has a great system of microbiome that supports us. Microbiomes are all over our body and work directly ith the gut. When microbiome are healthy, our gut works better, less stress, more focus, better digestion and waste removal. For me, we ran out of milk and I felt I could have it after a year off it. However, my skin had other ideas. My first step, was to clear milk from my diet.

Emotionally – What the hell is irritating me?? Making me feel itchy. Wanting to get away from. I have felt quite impatient. Things just aren’t going fast enough. Have you ever had that? Instead I have to stick to my practices of calming myself to calm my skin. My skin needs calm. I need calm. Let go of the irritations and inject some calm and fun into your life.

Spiritually – This is where a practice comes in to promote that inner calm through stillness or fun. Calmer practices such as reiki, silence, meditation, being creative, card reading, forgiveness, cutting cords, speaking to spirit. Practices that promote physical calm something fun and as simple as walking, dancing, watching christmas films, reading books to thrill the imagination, journaling or gratitude. What feels right at the time. These are the tools that bring me calm to help process and allow any emotions (when ready) to rise and release.

Treating the suface – calm the surface layer of my skin and below. Making sure I do not use soaps to clean my face. Instead I wash with cold water, recommended by my beautician daughter. I also start using a gentle cleanser. This eases my skin as I work inside with treatments such as increased water intake.

Movement and exercise – I make sure my movements are beneficial for relasing toxins and tension from my body. At first you may feel knotty, then all of a sudden a release as the blood flows into the little nooks and crannies to helps ease the muscles. Whether it is a walk, a lovely stretch or something a bit more heart pumping. Give yourself space to take charge of your health to flush out waste that is no longer needed inside you.

Most of ALL – Make the above fun! And… HAVE FUN!!! Smile, play, dance, go out, let go, laugh with people and take it easy!! 

Calmness in mind, body and soul we can see clearly and in calmness, our body moves freely

Trina xx

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