I’d love to do it ALL. Learning to ask for help

We are mortal, not immortal in terms of the body we live in right now.

It will not last forever. However, I believe our soul will.

There are and will be times in our lives. Not just mine.

One where we have to be open to receiving. Or just bloody ask for help

And today I did just that.

My body felt tired, I knew I needed to gift myself more time. Yet, I am scared of letting people down.

My mind wasn’t on my side… saying… do this thing, book in with these people, take that thing, be here at this meeting, say yes to everything

It will help you make money

I have done this before, listened to my mind and it was a trap. I ended up scraping myself from the curb. Was it worth it? No. My energy was drained.

Leaning into the pull for answers

I felt an inner pull to go walking. To get outside, so I took myself for a walk up the hillside with my notepad and pen in tow. Talking to myself as a crazywoman. Allowing myself to voice it out, as I had a feeling in my throat chakra that needed releasing.

There I was walking and talking to myself. Processing

And as I reached the top of the hill, I had answers. An extraction between my thoughts and my gut instincts. Because underneath it all…

I had the answer.

To ask for help

To ask for help from this person… I had names

To ask them to help with these tasks… I had tasks to give them

Can you believe the card I pulled for today. Part of ‘the light seers tarot by Chris-Anne’

Calling in the troops and delegating

It is OK to delegate jobs to people, and say… will you help me?

And STOP trying to do it all myself

As a recovering proud woman and people pleaser.

I want to do it ALL, and ALL the things in between

Yet, some things have to be delegated or I crash and burn

It is a reminder to myself, that my basic needs need seeing too and it is not weak to do so.

3 ways to know when to ask for help

  1. Get out your own way – if you love to do all the things (like me) and you are burning at both ends. Move out of the way! It can be hard trusting someone to take over. However, the benefits can be great. Is it time to let go of the apron strings and allow someone in?
  2. Create a list of jobs you do not like – OK, we are not going to love all the jobs we do. Create a list of jobs you do not like… social media content uploads, cleaning, accounts. If you are studying, it isn’t going to be great all the time and you will not be able to get someone to do that for you. Same for some jobs in business. But, if you can get someone to do your bookkeeping, clean your home or be a va at at work. It can take a lot of pressure of you and gift someone with some well deserved funds they need.
  3. Ask people – it is no good writing a list and not calling in the troops to help. Become friendly with your intuition. Learn to sit with her, free write and take her outside for extra clarity. She will drop you names of people who you can ask. You may be suprised some people are waiting to help you.

Have you asked for help recently?

Trina xx

Happy to be of assistance with your health, life and business with intuitive storytelling card readings, energy clearing reiki or bespoke mind and body coaching. Check out my services page

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