Shining the Light on Darkness for Speaking your Truth for Healing… Winter Solstice and Christmas

Within us and within the world we have both dark and light.

Solstice this year has been a time to stop dodging the lows but instead to integrate them and ask…

How do I turn this into the light?

How do I share what I need to say from a light space and release these feelings?

I understand (and agree) that sometimes it may not feel as light, hence it has been a time to shine a light on those inner triggers and not shrowd them in darkness anymore.

As we return to light, we may have (and be open to) new perspectives and points of view. Some may feel painful, some may be a light bulb going off. It’s OK to be open to that, it is also OK to feel a reconnection with our guides because they are waiting for us to listen to our deeper inner needs physically, emotionally and spiritually… nothing is left out.

As I schedule and switch off for 2021, I know I have stuck around for a little longer than I would’ve liked. But, it was needed for me to also feel that pain and move through it.

And wow! I felt it. But I also felt on reflection…

  1. The break-up between my thoughts and my nervous system – as my exterior calmed over matters that are trivial. Like losing a phone.
  2. A deep inner trust with my body – Wow! She is soooo amazing! We have done so much together. We’ve swum in stormy seas (scared as f*ck), we’ve faced differences of opinion (and navigated them), we’ve been ill and she lovingly jumped to my rescue and told me what to do. It was time to seriously stop dodging my own health.
  3. Let go of things that are no longer working – This year was the year to let go of groups, much of social media and this meant my paid membership. By clearing out things that are no longer aligned we bring in the new.
  4. Rest means rest – Doing nothing and liking it. It is not lazy it is all part of healing and deepening that connection. Allowing the universe will support you.
  5. Calling out guilt/shame – This has been my fav. Telling a white lie and owning up to it as soon as we have recognised it. ‘Actually, I know I said this. But, I meant this…’

And the most powerful one…

  1. As I change, so do my children – This year I have seen my children recognise behaviours in themselves and others. We have created a closer love and respect for each other. I have seen them make decisions for themselves based on the impartial information I have given.

And while this is all great, this is life and this is learning!

These things STILL come up from time to time.

What are we learning as we go into 2022?

We are learning to stop following and fawning over others to be liked and loved. Instead, we are learning to have fun as we are and if people like that. Then great!

And finally, deepen this wonderful connection between both the dark and light side of me. Because it is one. I am one.

I am whole

Merry Christmas

Trina xx

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