Reflections and Excitement Going into 2022… New Year Ritual and Youtube Card Reading Included

As we close down 2021

What do you reflect upon?

For many, I have spoken to, there have been ups and downs but so much expansion and growth.

We may have learnt the hard way that we are imperfect, that we are multifaceted and have flaws.

We may have seen this as a hardship, yet in contrast, truly rewarding too.

There may be someone of us who opened our eyes for the first time and found we could see all the darkness. However, a beacon of light started to radiate from your heart as you shone a light and noticed the hurt for what it was.

There have been people with who we may have had the most meaningful, deep and insightful conversations with like-minded lightworkers.

We may have felt disappointment and but so much more of true elation and how it feels to be really happy.

Some of us may have found happiness less in money but, more within ourselves (and nature) as we became more in tune with the true meaning of abundance.

For some, there has been loss of the old you but there has also been birth of your actual self

Within our walk to enlightenment, we will find the contrasts between

Light and dark

Yin and yang

Grounded and ungrounded

This year I learned…

  1. To love all of me, and that I have to accept all parts of myself. Even the parts that are capable of hurting others. Yet, I (and so are we) capable of LOVE in the highest form.
  2. It is OK to say no to things that did not fit my inner sanctum. Something BIGGER around the corner.
  3. Working August and December IS and alway will be a definite no-no
  4. Go even easier on myself when old emotions come up
  5. Keep trusting my intuition and growing a connection with myself and others.
  6. Self care more important than anything
  7. My children’s behaviour mimic how I feel about myself
  8. People will have a difference of opinion based on their perception, it is OK to respect that.
  9. Intuition is not perception and vice versa
  10. Once the perception dies away, we may fight to believe it, but at one point we must face to truth… otherwise it will bite us.

And going into 2022?

To keep building this inner trust and following my guidance, which is scary, yet exciting at the same time.

A mini new year ritual

For now, it is a VERY exciting time. While I work on mindset and physicality. I also help women reconnect and balance their spiritual/energetic side. For many of you… you have messages from loved ones awaiting you. But, I sense that on one side, we may be too scared to accept them. Yet, deep down you know this source is not scary. In fact, it is quite comforting.

You will need… crystals you a drawn to and also for protection and connection to source, a journal with a pen and yourself.

  • Create a calming environment – Grab your protection crystals and rocks, such as hematite, tourmaline and anything else that grounds, let’s out negative and sends in positive energies.
  • Ground – Plant your feet on the ground and imagine roots are growing from your feet deep into the ground.
  • Scan your body – Sit with your feet planted on the floor, close your eyes and imagine a scanner scanning your body. Feel out for any areas that are tense of heavy. Video here.
  • Sit in silence – Set a timer for 10 minutes, no need to concentrate… sit with your eyes closed in silence and feel into those areas of tension.
  • Free write – Ground and journal what you saw. Write what you need, I feel it’s is a good space to listen to our needs. Write some thank you’s for any messages and to yourself for the year past and going forward.

Let’s see what ideas can be pulled from the universe and grounded.

What have you learned and what are you planning for 2022?

Trina xx

Book your in-person or distance Reiki session, click the services page

I end the year with my final card reading of the year, have the most beautiful time with your friends or families wherever you are in the world.


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