My purpose is to BE happy and pass that onto others?

I was asked my purpose in a recent Pilates class…

We were asked to sit with it but I just instinctively knew.

It wasn’t any of my business

It wasn’t my home

It wasn’t the car I drive

It wasn’t the area I live

It wasn’t in my story

Yet, I knew it

Yet, I felt it

However, I haven’t been living it to its full potential

My purpose was to LOVE and be HAPPY then share that with others. That’s it.

It wasn’t in being rich in money or dripping in gold.

It was to shine like the sun, smile and invite others to share it

Living a loving, healthy and happy life to its FULL potential

That means

Saying ‘YES’ to time out

Saying ‘YES’ to things that make us feel great, even if it feels icky as we grow

Saying ‘YES’ to dating ourself

Saying ‘YES’ to relaxation

Saying ‘YES’ to stretching

Saying ‘YES’ to receiving

Saying ‘YES’ to being

Saying ‘YES’ to things we love

And saying ‘NO’ to anything other than

Take a moment to sit with yourself today and ask… In one word, what is my purpose? Feel into it and journal what comes through for you.

Trina xx

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