Having a hard time with your energy levels? Surrender to your basic needs

Have you ever had a fuzzy head and the feeling of frustration?

Maybe you lack clarity and direction within the projects you are doing for your work too?

Just not knowing what to do and when.

Working through a period of growth can be tough and we may sense our inner child needs something.

Sometimes we cannot pinpoint when this feeling occurred happened… and it’s a waste of time even trying to because when something is ready to be revealed, it will make itself known.

With anything, this feeling is transient and it doesn’t last forever.

However, it is a signal that we need our basic needs

What are our basic needs?

Love, to feel safe, to be secure, for our body to work properly, to be fed, to have water, to have shelter and more.

If you follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will find the foundation of our needs and how they relate to yours and even my life.

The brain loves to keep you and me safe, so when going through a period of growth we may feel these feelings of frustration and confusion. Where one minute you are in total flow and know everything you are doing in order and the next minute, you do not know whether you are coming and going.

Self needs self-care

Self-care isn’t just bathing, it is in allowing ourselves to process thoughts, it is in allowing ourselves a little reward for getting so far (such as fun), it is in allowing ourselves a moment to breathe or to even listen to our feelings.

Cutting ourselves some slack

Some practical tips that have helped me and my clients

Speak to someone a friend or a professional to speak to about your feelings

Journal consistently – so much can be gained from this

Add an energetic practice to your life

Nourish yourself with love – it is amazing how the gut plays a part in our thoughts and feelings

Give yourself time outside to breathe

Switch off the noise of social media

Listen to your body

Take some time alone to connect with yourself

Do you need a little healthy boundary time alone?

For some of us, all we need to navigate these times is a little time alone by looking after (and getting to know) our body’s as they are either released or passing through. Because our nervous system is under a state of alert and is calling for safety relaxation and calm.

We can feel safe in stretching ourselves a little to move forward

We can get uncomfortable with being comfortable

And we can gift ourselves oodles of LOVE in doing that

“I will take a side order of self-care and love please!!”

This too shall pass

Remember feelings are transient, nothing stays forever. They come and go. Accessing our basic needs sooner makes sure of that.


If you are a spiritually connected female entrepreneur who has been on the personal development journey for a while, had the therapy/coaching, understand riding and facing your emotions and; ready to move forward to happiness. Then if it feels right, maybe it is time to let go of any pressure within the body to reach those happier emotions. Is time to give your body the strength to climber higher?

Trina xx

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