3 Easy Ways to Learn the Art of Patience

Are you impatient?

Do you expect things, right now?

Maybe you are on a journey, but still not where you want to be.

It is OK to not be there yet.

Sometimes we are going to feel impatient

Sometimes we are going say ‘I NEED IT NOW… PLEASE’

‘Bring it to me now.’

‘Show me a sign’

You are on the right path

It’s just not here and it may take some smaller steps to make some really hairy scary goals.

Building your way up to that juicy prize

It is just not here right now.

In the meantime, it’s time to look at things that you can do and not get sidetracked on route

By learning the art the subtle art of patience

If you were like me as a child, I was very impatient. I can still be impatient now.

Not being able to wait il Christmas to open presents, and even opening some presents on Christmas Eve.

I can even see impatience in my children sometimes, especially with surprises.


Surprise is great, it is the anticipation of excitement. However, the only issue with excitement… it feels the same as fear physiologically. We do not know what is going to happen, what it is. So it is easy to be confused, we want to know because we want to be in control.

It is learning to lean into the unknown and trust in the excitement of it all while patiently waiting for it to appear. Almost like when we have a holiday booked. We are excited but we cannot rush the days away until it is here.

With being patient for that health, life or even business goal. We must wait and do the smaller actions to reach the tinier goals before we reach something bigger. Climbing the ladder, or expanding our capacity.

Divine timing!

Many people say ‘the best things come to those that get up and go get it’ While that is true in some sense.

I believe that the best things come to those that take action and then wait patiently while enjoying life.

Lean into your intuitive powers, take some action steps then take some time out to process.

How do you learn patience?

Today I share three ways to help you on your path to becoming patient and enjoying life.

It will help you become more focused, give you some direction and also create that inner clarity that we need when we’re taking those leaps forward.

  1. Go walking outside – Go up into the fields or around your city and explore. Look at the area with a fresh pair of eyes. Notice what you haven’t seen before by becoming more present with your surroundings. When we wake up internally, we wake up from the stresses and become in awe of something new unfolding. After 18 years of living in my home, I realised every winter I see the sunset from my bedroom window. This is how asleep I had been.
  • Meditate – Whether guided or closing your eyes to visualise. It is a time to allow your mind to wander. Playfully imagine. Allow your brain the rest from processing things we need to do and get done. Imagine being in new places, sensing new things. Deep meditation (such as transcendental meditation) can even open our awareness of which steps we take next. All the answers are within us.
  • Silent Practice – Silence calls us to be calmer. To sit with ourselves, to allow thoughts through, to be with our body and to feel what are our feelings. We are just sitting and allowing, watching and feeling everything come and go. All the things we need to do… where are those felt? You can question the thoughts in this process too. Such a deepening practice for you to get to know you.

Love to hear from you about patience. Do you struggle with this? Or are you cool as a cucumber?

Let me know in the comments

And, if you are a female spiritually connected entrepreneur looking for a transformative whole-body approach to your health. Then check out my services page.

Trina xx

Watch the vlog to the blog for more tips and information here


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