Sense you need time out? When and why to relax the overthinking mind

Do you need a consistent spiritual practice?

Do you need to learn how to love money?

Do you need to learn how to face money?

Do you need to love yourself more?

Do you need to feed yourself lovingly?

Do you need to find inner peace?

Do you need to be patient?

Do you need to think clearer?

Do you need to move more, make sure your children are ok, run a successful business, study or even have a tidier home?


It can all feel a bit confusing and triggering

What we are taught in society?

To work hard, play hard and hustle… to buy the house, the cars and have the dream life.

Or, work less but ignore our feelings as we upgrade.

While doing all these things and in constant growth…

Do you find that taking ‘quality’ time out is the last thing on the list, but is the thing we are striving for or want the most?

What if?

What if I told you, our brain needs rest too. It needs a break from all learning, growing and climbing. To process the information it takes in like the rest of the body.

While sleep is a great way to do this. We may find ourselves just switching off from the world and enjoying something mundane, imaginative or creative can also have a major impact too. To stop doing for a day or two or longer helps the brain digest what it is taking in. Especially if we have a slower processing brain.

Overthinking and the body

Our mind and body are deeply connected.

When the brain is overflowing with information, it can trigger a nervous system response, such as…

  • This is too much
  • Or this is not enough

This may lead to brain fog, not knowing what to do first and when.

Thinking like this can lead to lethargy, even though you are taking adequate physical rest?

Have you ever considered mental rest IS just as important as resting the body?

When was the last time you fully rested your left hemisphere (your analytical thinking)?

Or even our creative right hemisphere?

To keep thinking, to keep creating starts to take away from our immune system. Or… hidden psychological stress.

This is about keeping our physiology intact

How do you take time out and clear your mind?

Switch off the news and noise

Believe it or not, letting go of many media channels has a great benefit on our mental health. If you find you are triggered by the way certain adverts or news are presented. You have the amazing power to switch them off. See how you feel and journal on it. Tap into those wonderful benefits.

Go walking in nature

Yes, go walking in nature. It’s expansive and clears the mind. 20 minutes in nature is known to alleviate tension and promote focus. Hug a tree to, such a beautiful experience the more present we start to feel with ourselves.

Silence is golden

Silence is beautiful to process thought. Take time out with your eyes closed. Lay on your bed, set a timer… or don’t. Allow yourself the time with your eyes closed. If sleep is needed, take it. Watch the energy come back to help create structure in your life.

Are you a female spiritually connected entrepreneur looking for a transformative whole-body approach to your health. Then check out my services page and book a call.

Trina xx

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